First Movie you ever watched on VHS?

For me, it was Ghostbusters. I had not seen it in cinemas( i was like 2) I think I practically wore out the tape in a few months lol.

What about you guys?

uhhh probably turtles 1…memory’s fuzzy before 1990.

The Land Before Time is the only one I remember.

Matilda or Willy Wonka IIRC. Hard To Remember.

matilda?! lol.

Considering most of SRK is probably in their early or mid twenties, it’s very doubtful any of us actually remember the first VHS tape we actually watched.

This is a pretty strange topic. :wonder:

Yea Matilda, First VHS I practically remember my family making me watch as a youngling. I mean no shit, its a childhood movie, just like Little Rascals, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, 3 Ninjas, etc…

its not that it was matilda its just that i forget how young some srkers are. i just expect peoples first vhs movies to be like 92 and before.

The Incredible Crash Dummies.

King Kong Lives

It was either The Terminator or Fright Night for me… I got both around the same time, and they had other movies on there as well… it was “regular” tapes with 3 movies a piece on each one…remember on “EP” mode you could get about 6 hours of recording time on those. I was fascinated that such technology existed in the first place at the time…that was a big deal back in the day, that people could have something recorded and watch it over and over again at whatever time they wanted.

The first one I remember was Batman.

lion king.

shit is that a serious q? ive been watching vhs since it existed, shit i remember watching movies on the other platform that was like vhs but smaller. firstmovies where aal old school chinese kungfu, shaolin, ninja, jacky chan and lots of action flicks. i still remember the first time movies like rambo 1, rocky 1 and terminator got released, shits been WAY too long.

i can tell you about the first amimes i wachted cause i still remember them having a huge impact on me as a kid. i saw people die in all sorts of ways in movies and it was nothing special. but seeing cartoon characters die, i knew something was up. venus wars and fotns where the first animes i saw in the 80’s. years later in the early 90’s i saw akira on bbc and finally understood shit wasn’t just kids cartoons but something on a whole nother level. i think a lot of europeans my age remember seeing akira late night in early 90’s. anime is pretty much bs nowadays, but there where some golden times in the vhs days.

Mine was either a Winnie the Pooh movie that was a story that went like flipping pages of a book, or Moonwalker. Don’t remember which one was first.

We may never agree on shit else but this? This was my story too. I love Venus Wars. Anime today can’t touch the grittiness of the 80s and 90s.

oh yeah… I remember first seeing Devilman on a vhs tape---- We rented it from Blockbuster. This was the first time I saw a cartoon with that kind of violence and death going on. Heh, obviously this was back when people actually went to Blockbuster on a regular basis. I was spoiled and got to go nearly every week to rent something…even before that there was some local place called “Rent-A-Movie” that was about as small as a cheap studio apartment, but I was constantly renting horror movies from that place.

I still have a VCR though… I’ve been converting a lot of old stuff over into digital files. This topic brought back a lot of good ol’ memories… I remember we even made sure to put the notation of exactly where in the tape something was. There was a 4-digit “counter” displayed on the front of our old vcr, and that was the numerical notation you’d put on the label to know exactly where something was, assuming you reset so it starts with “00 00” from the start of the tape. (e.g.–a label might say “Fright Night, Aliens - 58:96, Creepshow - 85:77” or something like that) This way, you could fast forward or rewind exactly to what you want to see on that particular tape. Of course, I got lazy and stopped doing that eventually. Yeah, my fascination with this new technology of that time was insane.

either TMNT2 SoTO or Terminator 2 def one of those. two major impact on my childhood.

btw can not believe Terminator 2 is like 20 now

I remember rushing to record using a VCR whenever the porn channel worked, instead of the static. Or if HBO/Showtime was showing something with sex/nudity, like those Real Sex series, Basic Instinct… Of course, the parents were usually not at home when I did this.

Either Batman or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for me.

I know I watched 3 Ninjas so much, though. I have just about every line in that movie memorized. :lol: