First of the Year For Tri-Cities 01/18/03 MvC2 and SC2


Kennewick WA, MvC2 and SC2 Tournament January 18th, 2003
We its been awhile since I posted one of our tournaments here so I guess I’ll do it once more

Start Time : 1:30 p.m. sign-ups are at noon

Location : Fun-N-Games arcade at 459 Columbia Center Mall
Kennewick, WA 99336

Games: MvC2 and SC2

Entry: $5 for each tournament and a quater per person

Prizes (MvC2) :
1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%

Prizes (SC2):
1st: 60%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 15%

Rules (MvC2) :
No Gambit glitches or glitches were you our you opponent cannot control his/her character is allowed. The juggernaut power up glitch is legal. All infinites exluding the dead body infinites are legal including the assist pop up infinite. If you win a match you must pick the same team and assist. Switching your team order at the load screen is allowed.

Rules (SC2) :
Well I guess there aren’t really any odd glitches in this game. So the only rule I can give you is if you win you must pick the same character. Costumes don’t matter.

Brackets (MvC2 and SC2) :
Both tournaments are going to be double elimination.

For any additional Information either contact Fun-N-Games arcade at 1-509-735-1223 or drop me a private message