First or last six?

I’m one of those weird people who like using the last six buttons with the straighter layout on my TE for games like MvC3 and SF. Just got through plugging the first 2 holes and rewiring all my buttons. I think it’s because I haven’t played in over the last decade or so until recently picking up fighters again and when I grew up in the arcades they all had straight layouts, and I was always standing. Meaning my right arm was always straight in front of me on the buttons. I’ve noticed playing sitting down you have a slight tendency to angle your right arm a bit which probably makes the curved layout of the first six buttons more preferable by todays players?

So just a quick poll out of curiosity. Which set of buttons do you prefer using?

First six

or Last Six

First 6, it’s basically Astro City’s layout, so I’m right at home. I don’t do well on straight buttons.

But, for Mortal Kombat, I use the last six two left, two right, upper middle, and the very bottom left(LK by default in SF). It is close enough to a real MK layout I can play it fine.

Vewlix, Astro City, Korean, or American straight; it doesn’t matter. But it must be 6 buttons.

I play on the first six. I like my hands to be close together, although the Vewlix layout is a tad closer than I would like.

(Tech Talk: Secretssss.)

[details=Spoiler]If you play on the last six, you can map the first two to Select/Back, and plink jabs and in SF4.


I am going to be a dick

8 Buttons baby, yeah…

I would go w/ the 1st 6 buttons, but if you have fingers like “Uncle Phil” or Homer Simpson, I would go w/ the last 6 button, so you have enough clearance in the joystick area.