First Person Tetris

Seriously good luck with this shit, I got confused as fuck at first. :looney:

Ugh, serious dizziness…

why did you do this to me? :frowning: that shit is fucking confusing after a while.

That shit was wild.

I have a hard enough time with Tetris thank you very much.

Man the tiles are RIGGED.

My head hurts…GGPO.

i’m dizzy as fuck. i had to go into this weird state of mind to even begin to know wtf i was doing.

Wow I just played the sloppiest tetris game of my life. What the record for this? (80k which is extremely bad for me)

I do not think there is one but we can make one for srk, just post your scores in here.

Godly that it has the Gameboy music holy shit.

My head is literally spinning right now. Wow fuck this game.

P.S I’m in a huge tetris slump lately too. Drop from lvl 18 to like 16 on /end rant.

Why do i get like six squares in a row?!

That shit was awesome. I am a little dizzy but that’s a fun game for me to play under the influence.

I’ve always sucked at Tetris but this is god damn addictive. Night mode is so difficult.

I think this thing is rigged to be even more frustrating than it should be. I got 1 rectangle blogs out of like the 100+ pieces I played. Fucking stupid.

I’ve seen this before.

The old NES exploit works, but be ready to battle motion sickness if you’re up for it.

The ‘cheat’ works as follows:

You’re given blocks based on what you’ve rotated the most. So when you finally get the line piece, mash that rotation button as much as possible before putting it down. The game then guesses you had trouble placing that piece, and you’ll get more of them.

The only thing that bugs me about the controls is that I’m so used to Space being the ‘drop piece now’ button, and not rotate, like it is here.

too much of a hassle

Would be a lot easier with a second rotate button.
Night mode reminds me of the “catch” mode of tetris from tetris DS.

Still easier than 3-d tetris, which was what I expected when I thought of "first person tetris"

God damn that game is an depth perception nightmare.

LOL this is awesome.