First playable fighting game character to have a fireball reflect move?

Not sure who gets that honor.

I know Shredder had one in Tournamnet fighters , which came out in late 1993(snes) iirc.

Or was it someone else?


World Heroes 2? It was a universal move for all characters.

I’m thinkin the monk dude from Power Instinct.

Athena in KOF94?

Yun in SF3?

Larcen from Eternal Champions?

when did yamazaki get his?
spinal had one too sorta

^ Fatal Fury 3??? :confused:

Did Yuri’s Saiha reflect in AOF2?

A1 Rose?

Power Rangers (the Genesis version, by Banpresto) had a universal fireball reflect, but I think TMNT: TF was released a bit earlier.

I see what you did there…

I was going to say AOF2 as well. But I think more than one character in that game had a reflect move. I remeber always hating some guy for that.

Middlekick is correct.

Everybody in World Heroes 2 can reflect projectiles by Just Defending them. That game came out in mid-93, which predates everything else mentioned here.

WH2 actually was the first series to do a lot of things…its originality is highly underrated.

WH2 had those seesaw lifebar matches… bloody things went on FOREVER.

Eternal Champions ?
Pretty sure someone had a fireball reflect… and it came out on Genesis around 93-94 if I remember well

edit: bah playable characters… i lose

Oh yeah, Eiji had a reflect move as well.

Guess the answer is found. The first time I saw it was Killer Instinct and Fulgore could reflect them. In matches you could keep reflecting them back and forth, seems kind of silly now looking back at it.