First players you ever faced? First tournament experience?

I was telling someone about my meager first tournament experience before and I wondered about other people. Who were the first people you played in a tournament? Are they still around? What was your first experience like?

My first tournament was Final Round a few years back, I forget which one. Anyhow I was only playing 3S because it was the only game I was competent in. It was my first real time taking fighting games seriously. The first person I played was Master Chibi, who if I recall correctly was playing Q on pad, which was a relief because I had come to the tournament on pad, and was happy not to be the only one playing that way.

I lost, barely. Was bummed, thought I may have a good shot here, as my brother plays Q so I at least had an idea what to do. I realized beating my bunch of friends all the time didn’t end up making me a superstar by any stretch.

My next match was against Sabin’s Alex, who took me out pretty quickly. I had never even played a good Alex before so I just got throttled.

That was my first two tournament matches, and I have to say both players were really cool guys it seemed, it sucked to be two and out, but still it was a good first experience.

So what I ask is, what was your first tournament experience, and if you remember who did you play?

I remeber when started playing in supersmash bros melee tourneys. Like you amongst my friends my peach was a beast. But then I played at a tourney and this really chill asian murderd me in the first round with Marth. ever since then I try to play as much different/random people as I can.

went to svgl. Decided to never play seriously.

First tourney was NEC7, at the time I only played KoFXI (but mostly against CPU). I think I did alright for the time, but I went 1-2. Didn’t feel bad at all because I was just happy to be there, I like the game and I like to play it. I think this set me up for a good mindset when playing games, because I don’t really get pissed off when I lose in tourney. Yeah, you’ll feel down for 5 minutes, but afterwards everything is good and I tell myself it was just a game.

NEC7 inspired me to start pursuing fighting games a WHOLE lot more, thank goodness I choose that tourney as my first

I faced Ricky Ortiz at MWC in '00 or '01. Mirror Match in A3, V-Saks. Completely destroyed me. The Hello Kitty plush facing me on the arcade machine didn’t help…

First tourney match was against John Choi in a game I had never played before (ST)

Needless to say: I was overmatched. Won the first round on luck, then got destroyed.

Before I even knew that there was such a thing as tourneys for fighting games me and a bunch of neighborhood kids used to play the arcade games in a hole in the wall electronic shop, I was always playin MvC2, and then one day Arturo Sanchez walks in and hands my ass to me, and I see shit i never seen before, like infinites and resets… i didnt even know cable could link his super 3 times… then he tells me bout these tournaments in Chinatown and so i check it out meeting n chillin wit all the great NYC MvC2 players and such and learning mad shit… playing Arturo that day is what made me end up being a competetive player

My first tournament was some semi local EC stuff (tristate area). I won my first one, and consistently placed high the future at these tournaments there. I mostly got lucky to start playing there before more serious players did, as it gave me time to ramp my game up as better and better opponents started showing up.

At my first ‘large’ tournament, I took a lot of people out, but got screwed by someone screwing up the brackets ( I was playing someone elses matches). I lost to Justin in Guilty Gear, but it was close. Granted this was before he REALLY got his shit together, so I’d probably do worse now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ironically the first time I traveled to a tournament, I didn’t play because I didn’t want to get rocked (and I had little cash). Though I had been playing serious people for awhile, so I had experience already. That and the fact that tournament pressure doesn’t get to me.

I think thats most peoples problem their first time out. They’re nervous as hell. I remember a guy who would whip me pretty good in casuals, who I would absolutely destroy in tournament play, all because he’d get nervous and I wouldn’t. So to anyone who’s reading this who hasn’t been to a tournament yet, try not to panic. As long as you don’t draw a monster like Wong, you’ll probably do better than you deserve.

Yeah, another thing that helped me out for my first tournament is I hadn’t come too far off playing with some of the ATL players that were there at Final Round, so I knew people there so I wasn’t just a guy there. I’d recommend to new players who are hitting up their first tournament to play with their local peeps if they can, that way you have people to hang out with/chill out with before the tournament.

I thought me drawing Arturo for my second ever match in a tournament was bad, but John Choi for your first match? Yowch. Though it is very nice to be able to have the chance to play someone really good your first chance out. I didn’t even know I had played Art until I went to report my loss and saw the bracket.

Somebody making brackets clearly had it in for you. :stuck_out_tongue: Thats pretty rough.

My first tournament was a tournament at VCU held by Renegade in 2004(or was it 2005?). I entered T5 and SF:AE. In T5 I got beat by some random dudes. In SF:AE I got eliminated by Koop. I picked CE Bison(the only thing I knew at the time was that Psycho Crusher could cross up) and he picked ST Chun. It was funny how he dominated me. He knocked me down in the corner and kept doing Lightning Legs. I had no idea what Bison had that could beat it so I started jumping in place then I jumped over him and ppl started laughing.

First match ever (this is for GG) was against some random scrub in CF (I too, was a scrub [more so] at the time). I won pretty easily…

Then I played someone else and lost that match, and in loser’s I had to play XAQShinor (and by play, I mean let him practice combos on me :p).

Lol first tournament at my college…i beat two of my friends who were in the same CvS2 bracket with me…only to lost to Charlie who went on easy mode back in the days on the semis…fun stuff. Ended up getting 3rd.

The brackets were hella shady though, all the good players including Charlie were on my side including my friends, while the other side was scrub-tacular.

My first tournament was at CF back in January 2002, I think it was called X3, or something gay like that.

First match was against Justin. I lost.

I wound up getting 7th, out of like 60 or so people though, so it was cool. Lost to Henry Cen in losers.

First tourney was the one I held at Tilt in Colonial Heights, VA for Marvel. Up against b1gazn (Pete), got raped:shake:

First non-local tourney was at a random C3, I don’t think they had a Marvel tourney, but Demon Hyo was there beasting in casuals using random teams. I think I got one good Doom combo on him before he raped me with Felicia:shake:

Very first opponent at my very first tournament at SHGL in 2001: Duc Do -_-

My first tournament was a local Tekken Tag tournament. I dont remember when it took place exactly, except it was before the game came out on console in the states. Hell, I dont even remember who I lost to exactly; I know I won one round in losers then got taken out. I think I used Eddy/Paul in those days

My first local tourney was in CVS2 with around 50 people. I got third with nothing but jump back roundhouse with bison lol.

First major I played in was at Final Round. I scrubbed my way past Skisonic (who would have absolutely crushed me if he had been on his usual game. It’s funny because prior to the match we were chilling and he was telling me how much he hates playing random K grooves and I said how much I hate playing against A-groove and then we saw the brackets. Luckily my anchor was Cammy vs his Hibiki so I could mash my ass off!). I fought Master Chibi, and then Justin Wong. Justin raped me while doing his taxes.

The very first player I ever faced was during week 1 CvS2 and his name was(surprise surprise) Justin Wong. It was a pretty close match and he had already known how to play the game compared to me where I just experimenting as I was playing. CF was pretty crowded and everyone started leaning in as I was about to beat him, but he baited out super from me with like, a quick twitch c.jab with Rock. After that, I was hooked and started playing fighting games a lot more seriously.

My first tourney experience was at web2zone(sadly). They would hold mad local tournies for the heads that were going to EVO last year. Hella prep and whatnot and I was getting into ST at the time. I think I got like, 10th or some shit out of 35 entries or something. I forget who my first opponent was, but I know Chibi sent me into losers and then I just started raping the losers bracket free for the most part.

At my very first major, EVO East, I almost qualed for ST Top 8. DSP sent me to losers with(surprise surprise) Boxer and I was playing Claw exclusively because I started believing in Tokido’s method of just going for the cheapest char in the games and winning. Then I get a few wins in losers and play Shag. He was using(surprise surprise) Boxer. He went on to qual for top 8 while I was busy learning that matchup for a year now. I’ve gotten better since and can actually hold my own in tournies now. Still trying to crack that top 8. Getting tired of getting 13th.

My first tourney ever was… last week at Evo. Yeah, I’m a newbie :P. Won 2 matches and lost 2 at ST, which I started playing (vs CPU in 1995 doesn’t count) when GGPO came out. I guess I did okay.

I played Honda all the way. Faced Phillip Echnoz (Hurricane Phill) as Ryu in the first round and won easily (he basically missed all his reversal DPs IIRC so I was free to pressure him all day).

Then I faced someone’s much tougher Chun Li - got tangled in basic fireball-sweep traps, and whenever I did get the knockdown and would apply my usual wakeup tricks, he’d reversal upkick every time to escape. Got my first loss there.

Then I faced XTG’s Zangief. Honda vs Zangief in ST is pretty retarded, and I won easily with a lot of simple MP slaps and jab headbutting any jump-ins.

Then I faced Hung’s Ken. Oh boy, that was like the Chun Li match all over again, except Ken’s well-timed DPs prevented me from even getting that knockdown in the first place. So I got eliminated easily right there.

Overall I thought Evo was total hype, and I’d love to go to more tourneys in the future!