First players you ever faced? First tournament experience?

Played in one of the National Tekken Tag Tournaments that was held in downtown Orlando way back in 1999. I scrubbed my way to 10th place and got a mug!

Everyone plays god tier players their first time out, huh?

Tekken 3 in Vuienna way back… but they wouldn’t let me configure my buttons and I played the japanese version and the tournament ran 50Hz PAL ones. I didn’t even know I could wiff those Xiayou combos… not to mention a lot of the stuff was damn hard with the pad. Plus it was my first tourny and I was nervous. And THEN they handed out Red Bull. Back then I never drank ANYTHING caffeinated. That certainly helped my mental clarity :rolleyes:

I placed 3rd though I easily could’ve won. Before the tournament I beat the winner of this tourny to hell n back. I think he was VERY relieved to see me fail in the semi-finals :rofl:

And RaishinX: I wouldn’t call Xiayou god tier :wgrin:

P.S: Then there was the VF4 tourny I placed 2nd… argh, so nervous again. Those were about the ONLY two big tourny’s in the city with anything worth as price. Oh, oh, though I DID win the one local fighting enthusiast tourny in the Tekken 3 department. That was awesome, especially in there the competition was quite tough. I went into the finals as the slight underdog, having had scored a 7-3 fight record vs my oponent in the warm ups. But THAT time, I remained calm. Close fight, awesome match. :lovin:

My first actual named player I played? I honestly don’t remember. I think the first time I played anyone worth mentioning was when I first started going to CF back in 98-99. Most of my time before that was spent wandering a good percentage of Queens making a small name for myself. I was horribly average in everything I played, but when you’re stalking bodega scrubs you’ll look like a god.

I know I met Arturo somewhere between 99 and 2k1 when niggas used to crash at Ash’s house and we’d play whatever niggas brought over. I remember bodying everyone there one day with Hwang in SC1. lol

My 1st tourney was a KOF2k3 ranbat in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. EVERY TEAM had Duo Lon in it more or less, but at that moment I was prepared for it. I can’t remember my team(Griffon/Jhun/Hinako?Robert?) But I know I bodied every Duo Lon-based team I came across. I think I got beat by some King team that I know I shoulda beat. I came in 3rd that day.

My 1st major tourney was Evo 2k4, oddly enough. I had been in Okinawa, Japan for 3 years by that point. My initial purpose there was to help run the SNK tourneys and play in VF4. I got there jetlagged as all hell, met The Answer, went to FFA, played relatively horribly in 2k3(it was fun getting beat by the strats I passed on to niggas), went 2-2 in VF4Evo IIRC, and just lived it up the rest of the time. The SNK part was a bust more or less, but I met Mike Z(he happened to be on the setup next to us) who was doing some projectile assist FSD combos. Tekken 5 was there, but I didn’t bother to play the beta. It’s funny, because once T5 came out proper, I worked my way up to being one of the better players in Okinawa. I met up with StridaJin(I honestly don’t remember how either lol) and we got a good handful of the Tekken playing gaijin out there and made a team.

I faced John Choi in my very first tournament match ever in Alpha 2 at Midwest championships in 2001 when I was sixteen. When I heard the names called I almost threw up. I didn’t go to SRK back then because I didn’t have an internet connection. The only information I had on the tournament scene was from the back of Tips n Tricks.

He got fa double perfect in the first match against me. I managed to land a few hits in the second after I switched to Sodom. He smiled and shook my hand.

Still my favorite player ever.

My first named player i played was ricky ortiz at a local tourny he and jwong showed up to at TGA when it was in woonsocket RI. I got raped pretty bad. I was playing dudley back then.

My first major was SBO quals also @ TGA. I had a bunch of players at my house for the tournament (jwong, mopreme, true karate, flash G, jet phi, random james, and henry cen) and i did horrible. But that weekend was the weekend i decided to play yun after mopreme taught me how to do kara palms.

2nd major was @ Evo East in 2005 where i spent the entire time with issei learning stuff with yun. I stayed with issei, henry, jwong, quotes, kofiend and flash G. It was a really really fun weekend for me and it’s one of the reasons i stayed into fighters as much as i am.

I can barely remember. I got second to Roger Chung in a street fighter 2 tournament at a bowling alley…i think that was my first tourney. He took me to Worlds Finest comics where i met the rest of the top 4…Roger, Tomo, Tony, Willie. Those guys would kill me. Other players i played against were jason (Apoc), george ngo, martin, gerald, vahe, hip, and thats about all i can remember.

im old.

Man you were very fortunate to have played against Tomo Ohira. You forgot Jeff Schafer and mike watson

my first tournament was a at cal poly for 3s (2 out of 3) a couple of years ago. i remember playing pigadoken and losing 2-0. my next opponent was nam and i think i lost that one 2-1. all in all it was fun, it was the first time i saw players like vic and amir in person. opened my eyes to how far i needed to improve my 3s level.

I said “player”.

First was NEC8 was T5DR. I think my first who I really believe was Steve Harrison. Who used Lei, and stomped my ass everywhere. Then I played a Julia player, and somehow beat him. Then of course, was my “Idol” Justin Wong for my third match. I introduced my self earlier, cause he was the only one I knew straight up. Of course, his Feng Wei Raped me. Not a good bracket I was in, but I guess thats what happens when you enter in late.

Ah, ok. No, those were even less godly. In fact… I know there are about 20 serious people in the area of 1.7 million. And all have small apartments so the constant question is… “anyone got space for 10 people cause I don’t”.

Ah well, I don’t think other European city dwellers have it any different.

I remember that one. 3X was awesome. My lasting memory of that tourney is Henry standing on top of the machines telling everyone to go take a shower. Ah, those old CTF tournies with 60+ people crammed into the little hall way.

My very first tourney was an MVC2 tourney at CTF, the one before 3X. I actually played MegaMan Steve there believe it or not. I lost to him, then won my loser’s bracket match. Kind of cool I guess, because most people catch it bad their first tournament.

I remember I beat you that tournament too. :rofl:

I still remember it. I had N-Vega… you played Cammy. I had knocked you down, once I went for meaty something, and you Spiked it. So I knocked you down again, got to that exact range again, and you Spiked again, but I chilled, then gave you the claw super as a prize.


Good times.

My first tournament was at the Family Fun Center in Omaha,Ne. I played in tournaments for MK2 and SFA2

Yes indeed, sucker was me.

Everyone (me) had to start somewhere…

i played jwong first in ST last year in columbus, that sucked…

VTyme2 Game was Third Strike.

First round vs Justin Wong! He let me have it with yun.

My first arcade outing was memorable for sure. Im pretty sure it was in Warwick, I know that arcade is gone now wherever it was. I was probably 10 or 11 and I was kicking ass for an hour on SSF2 just spamming Ryu’s fireballs. Then this dude who was in his twenties destroyed me with Bison. He showed me how to use normals and I went home a much better player. I vividly remember getting pissed while my mom cheered me on and his gf was telling him to go easy on me.

Jeron in 3S, MWC 2006. I got outpointed in an Elena c. mp duel.