First post + a sad story


I have played street fighter since sf2 was in the arcades. since that time for 13 years or so I played religeously…I was THAT guy. The guy in the group of friends who was clearly better than everyone else. Id play match sets of 20 or so and lose maybe 1 or 2. If I was playing someone who wasnt serious about the game they would lose…bad. Up until alpha 3 or so I played like this and thought of myself as one of the better players in the sf bay area. Then I stopped and just played off and on casually. By the time third strike came out, my friends id play with were getting better than me and I lost my edge. I couldnt parry for crap and lost my combo execution skills. I decided I wanted to play again online just for kicks to try and get somewhat good again so I got sf4. Its funny how bad I suck…and how horrible my execution under stress is now. Its a humbling feeling. Basically im starting from the ground up. I want to get on hd remix and always thought of ssf2t as one of my best games. I usually main ken or blanka and sprinkle in dictator. Its just frustrating sucking so bad after being so good. Do I just need practice? Is that what it boils down to? This rant is just a fish for tips for someone starting out who has all the instincts and raw ability of a great player inside them but has severely lost their edge.


get it out of your mind that you were “So Good” and jsut have fun playing the game. You’ll notice in a couple days you had dropped old habits and picked up new abilities.


I agree I just need to drop old habits. And when I say I was “so good” I def dont mean pro or anything, just clearly above scrubs while still getting pwned by actual pros. Kind of like a ‘king scrub’ is how id describe it lol.


I was the exact same way.

My friends used to talk about how good they were at games like GG and 3S and I used to destroy them.

Of course they sucked, but how was I supposed to know that back then?


So good was the past. If you aren’t “so good” anymore, it means you’ve changed. Thus, put that stuff to rest and try again.


Hell I didnt even touch the whole SF series prior to SF4 since probably EX was on the PS2. Dude just accept the fact that to play SF 4, you gotta relearn what you knew of your character. Once you accept that fact and try to play them as they are and not what they should be (based on your memory of yesterday) and you will be getting fine fast. Trust me, after all the bitching I did about Ryu I certainly wasted time I couldve used to train with.


There have been monsters in that area of Cali since the start of Street Fighter, if you really were good you would have stuck around or have been known before just today.


Start out not expecting wonders.
When I first start any game genre, I generally do horribly…try and practice with friends, people you won’t be humiliated in front of.