First post! (and a question about recommendations)

Hello, my name is BJ, and I’m a fighting game freak, especially old-school Street Fighter (i.e. ST), Blazblue, and old-school Mortal Kombat (before they went to a full-3D fighting system with MK4).

Here’s my first question. I have been looking at these threads, but nothing has come up for what I am specifically looking for.

Here’s the situation: I’ve been looking at the Hauppauge HD-PVR for recording high definition gameplay footage off of my Xbox 360 (I’d probably go no higher than 720p, because upscaling to 1080i wouldn’t do me any good), and footage off of my Wii and some older consoles. Of course, the Hauppauge HD-PVR is only a video passthrough, so I have had to start looking at HDTVs and/or PC monitors as an adjunct.

I fully admit I don’t have a clue about this stuff, which is why I’m here.

My specific requirements for an HDTV or a PC monitor are thus:

[]Somewhere under about $300 or so (It could go higher, but really, no higher than $500 or thereabouts)
]Component input is a MUST (because I am going to be using the Hauppauge HD PVR), however HDMI would be nice for those rare times I’m not going to be recording (or maybe playing an online Blazblue match)
[]Very low (if any) lag, because I’ve been admittedly quite spoiled by lag-free gameplay, because prior to this adventure looking for a monitor to play games on, I’ve been playing games on an Elgato EyeTV 250 (which is basically a rebranded TerraTec Cinergy 850e PVR that has a lag-free “game mode”).
]No bigger than 36 inches (and even that is overkill for dorm rooms and the other types of small environs I tend to frequent)
[*]720p is the highest resolution I will need for the moment, although 1080 would be nice, if the monitor had component AND HDMI inputs.
Now, I was looking at those Alienware monitors that they’ve been using at this year’s EVO tourney in Vegas, but that’s HDMI only, not component (which is what I’m personally looking for).

Thanks in advance for any help and/or welcomes!