First post need help please read :)

well i dont know if this i sthe right place im posting, but if not im sure i have smothing else thats relevent to this section. well iv been playing street fighter since i was young but i was never that really into it, and i think i was really a little to young to understand the moves and combos properly lol, but recently iv really been getting into ssf4ae on xbox. so i decided to build my own arcade stick, iv got the sanwa buttons and stick and iv made my shell out of wood, but now im stuck with the pcb, i just wanted advise weather it would be better to open a pad up and use that pcb, or if you could buy one specificaly for a arcade stick, and if you could where i could buy one in the uk, anyway sorry if thats in the wrong section, iv just signed up and this is my first post.

now im sure my second question is in the right place lol. i know its a lot to ask for and everything but i was wondering if any1 could add me and help me out like train me up. im really rubbish at comos and im a ryu player, i tend to like crouch blockl alot and wait for the other player to attadck the counter and i use crouch hp for my antiair, i reallly like the feel of cody but cant play with him too well but would love to learn :smiley: im kinda looking for a mr miagi anyway sorry for writing to much and hope i aint bored u. tthanks for reading… oh and btw if u want too add me my xbox live is SuperShouks

Here’s a good place for your question mate:

thanks alot bro

tech talk for your hardware question.
Ryu board should have a matchmaking thread. You can check about a billion other places for IV matchmaking threads as well, but not on the IV mainboard.
IV board rules. Every board on this forum has its own set of rules. If you want to post on the IV boards, please glance over those rules real quick.