First SF game (SF4): Need advice/clarifications!

Alright this is going to be a lengthy post. So bare with me and please read if you can. I have recently bought SSFIV:AE and I want to learn it, as I’ve increasingly became interested in the game through general reading/streams. I knew nearly every character just by watching streams :).

Keep in mind, I come from a Mortal Kombat background, and recently MK9, so I’m not exactly the most technical of players.

I came here hoping people on Xbox LIVE can help me when they are not busy, and can help me get started. I’ve taken the initiative and watched T-Birds tutorials, and currently am on Chapter 8 on Vesper Arcades SSFIV guide.

So here are my questions, and understanding of the game thus far from reading and just recently experimenting in the training mode.


Projectiles - You can have ONLY 1 on screen at a time, until impact.
Chains - You can ONLY chain Jabs/Shorts and not MKs/HKs or MPs/HPs, is this correct?
Links- Links usually connect a Jabs/Shorts into the stronger variations of a normal, correct?
Target Combos- From my understanding ‘Target Combos’ are the ‘Dial-A-Combos’ of Street Fighter, correct?


What is a good beginner character, that is unique? I want to play Ibuki, but from my findings people claim she is weaksauce and is heavy on execution. Both bad for a beginner. I also like Rose, Rufus, and some others I cannot think of right now. I like a fast paced character.

What is FADC useful for? Do not quite understand this technique.

Which moves usually cross up? I’ve read it’s usually the medium variation of a normal, but sometimes I whiff them.

What’s the use/difference between a special using L,M,H? Let’s suppose I’m spamming Hadokens, do I just use the Heavy variation of the special? Don’t understand the difference, seems as if the HEAVY variation is the best special for any character.

I do not understand Option Select.

I own a HitBox that I used from MK, will it be useful for SF?

Hopefully you all can answer my questions, and I can use this thread as I progress through SF for further questions and clarifications. Advice is greatly appreciated. Keep in mind this is my first SF game ever.