First Snuggies Now SF4 Beach Towels!

I just walked in to my local FYE Store with my wife and low and behold I saw a Street Fighter 4 Beach Towel Next to the SF4 Snuggies :lol: I didn’t really have a chance to get a good look at it because we were late to a movie that night. Then 2 weeks later for my Birthday Gift my wife gets me the Towel for giggles. :bgrin: Looks pretty cool and decided to share this with you guys and tell me what you think? or have you guys even seen these at your local store?

haha Ken’s face.

I’ d buy it if it was only 'Gief. :razz:

a gief towel trying to spd you? I’d buy that too. It’d be like one of those anime girl towels, only slightly homosexual and nerdy instead of sad/lonely

Buying it.

Must have for this year’s beach season.

Now if only they’d come up with SF4 bathing costumes for pale nerds to hide their man breasts and furry nipples from the judging eyes of the world.

im buying that haha

lol at ken and ryu

got to have one