First ST Mexican Gathering, November 2012

Hey everyone!

I’m making this thread to let everyone know that we (as a mexican community) are going to gather in my house and do what mexicans do, you know drink tequila, wear sombreros, eat nachos with guacamole and… oh yeah play SSF2T.

So we had this idea a few months ago, Magnus_raz in GGPO started to hit us with the idea to make a gathering of all GGPO players and have a good time, so everyone liked it and a couple months later the date is right around the corner.

First of all this will be our first gathering, we are planing (if everything goes well) to make this event an annual thing with cps2 cabs or at least superguns to play on it. For the moment we will have to play on emulate ST. There are some tournaments we are organizing like double elimination, team battle, starcup like, FT10’s and hundreds of casuals which of course are going to be recorded, also there will be a stream but this isn’t 100% a safe thing.

Our goal with all of this is to promote SSF2T here in Mexico, there are a lot of people who doesn’t know about GGPO/Supercade and still play ST, we want this people to know that the game is alive and healthy and make the community bigger.

The date is 16 to 19 of november 2012 (yeah 4 days of crazy mexican party). Some of our guest stars are djfrijoles, jarek04, yito2k, .__., seshomaru, ceks10, and other players (ultracombo declined the invitation).

I am going to be updating this thread with news, and when the time come with photos, the stream and the replays.

P.D: If you want detailed information about the place of the meeting pm me.
P.D.2: If you want that someone of us punch sesho in the face, pm me and i’ll give you my paypal account ($10 per hit).

I’m so jealous. I bet their going to do Gangnam Style dance too.

Yeah! Hot, sweaty Mexican nonstop action.

Doesn’t this go in the kof forums?

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q viva Pancho Villa y el cuajinais, toda la constelacion de capos reunidos (tErRoR), suerte con el torneo y a ver si graban algo

pd = i already send you $50, can i get the ganga and add +2 more hits, tx

If everything works out, I’ll be doing drunken commentating with an invited surprise guest commentator that should make it all kinds of fun. mandatory cook out with your servant as grand master chef flipping the carne asada.

Nice stuff. I hope it all woks out fine.

q alive Cuajinais Pancho Villa and the whole constellation of lords assembled (terror), good luck with the tournament and see if they record something

A constellation of lords of terrors assembled. Sounds like one hell of a party.

Hopefully that commentary is in English, por favor.


something lost in translation but nice try eltrOuble

Great stuff !!!

Please make sure to run a tournament before AND after the drinking has started. Only then will we know the real Mexican Typhoon.

Good stuff Kyouya and co. I’ve added it to the SF2 Calender on the STR site. :slight_smile:

That’s easy. Just run the tournament, and every time you lose a game, you take a shot. Every time you get perfected, take two shots. Every time you get caught by T.Hawk’s super, take three shots. Everytime you lose to a Cammy, Blanka, or a Fei, take three shots.

That’ll make for a pretty interesting loser’s bracket, LOL.

EDIT: Both players in Winner’s finals have to take shots after the match, regardless of who won. And the winner’s side of Grand Finals has to take two shots before GF, just to keep it even.

Commentator drinks after every match.

I got another one: every time Yito picks Dhalsim, take two shots. You’ll end up unconscious in no time.

unnoficial ST MEX revival banner:


Goddamn they look beautiful standing side-by-side.

Spanish banner. All banners are made by Yito2k.

as djf said: “Parece que va jalando la bandera en el aire” (“looks like he is pulling the flag in the air”)
Great design from Yito2k

I bought mah tickets today. I’m in there like swim wear. Kyouya has to pick me up at 6:15 am lol