First Stick Build/Buy


Hello all, I hope all is well.

I am new to the stick scene, and have decided to purchase one.

I know there are custom built sticks, manufactured sticks, and so fourth. Getting a manufactured stick currently is probably going to be pretty hard, or at least so I have heard.

Anyhow, could you guys provide some pointers?

I was thinking, since I am unable to currently find a stick for the PS3 to use, then, I might just have to build one. If I can get a dual console setup for both the PS3 and Xbox360, that would be nice. It isn’t a priority, but for now, I can make do with just the PS3 compatible stick. The stick I am wanting to get/build would be compatible with PS2 games as well, since I have a BC PS3.

I have a general idea of what I need, such as wirings, cables, the type of buttons I need, the only problem is… I cannot find a suitable case. I am not crafty with woodwork, though I have a friend that could fix something up. If I could find a case that can handle the four button layout, on top and bottom rows, that would be great.

Recommendations please.

If you can point me to a pre-made stick already that meets the above, that is even better. Either way works.

Thanks for your time.


Cases pop up all the time in the trading outlet. So do full PS3 sticks, custom and manufactured.

Check there first, keep checking eBay and Craigslist (depending on your area) and you’ll find one. I even hear you can find PS3 TE’s at Gamestop now if you have 150 clams + tax.

Also, just as a note: I’m not sure but I think I read somewhere on here that PS3 compatible sticks don’t work with ps2 games emulated on the ps3… but for some reason they work with emulated ps1 games. Let me know if you get a definitive answer on that.

Hope I helped!


Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

I see some cases offered in the trade in section, and around the board, but most of them seem to be out of state. I am in the US area, namely in Texas.

Any online retailer that you recommend to buy cases from? Maybe you can help me find a stick around the web? Sorry if this is a bit much, every where I look so far, sticks are out of stock or unavailable. Again, I apologize if this seems much to ask.

As far as the compatibility is concerned. I know that the Street Fighter IV SE/TE sticks do not work with PS2 games. The custom made stick my friend has does work though. He has a stick that is in beta stage sort of. It is working, but made out of a bleacher material, and gives splinters easily. It works good though.

Again, thanks for your help.


I believe that they are willing to ship. Just have to pay extra for s/h.


I saw a picture of a chessboard stick (one of the boards that folds itself in half and contains the pieces inside) and it was the most practical/easy case I’ve ever seen. Should be easy to find a board like that in Walmart or something.


i would say the most labor intensive part is the box or enclosure. typically if you want the most tried and true way you’d buy a prefabbed box (, arcadeinabox, kaytrims customs, etc…,) that you’d have to prep, all the build would be complete.

you alway want to choose your components prior, i would think since you are wanting to build for ps3, you should get a toodles cthulhu board for ps3. to connect to your board you’d probably go with sanwa parts (jlf joystick and 30mm buttons).

thats pretty much all you’d need to get your build going, from there on its just plug and play.


Thanks for all your input.

I currently have the following so far.

Toadies Ctchuthu Board
30MM Blue Sanwa Buttons
Sanwa JLF Stick Blue Top. Still debating on octoganol gate or square gate
Sanwa White Buttons 24 MM for the start/home/select
The wirings for the buttons as well as for the stick and board.

So far, I might get the CustomCade blank top, so I can fix the layout for eight buttons and curved close.

Looking at the stick builders suggested other then ModChipMan.



I just finished building this last night. Only has 2 hole for start/select since I was gonna use for PS2 but I could add a 3rd to the front for ps. Interested?