First stick - what to buy? (PS2)

I’ve been a pad player for years, and I think it’s finally time for me to move on and start practicing on sticks. I know TE sticks are very popular for the next-gen consoles, but what should I be looking at for a PS2 stick? I’ve mostly been playing TvC and Melty Blood, which would need the PS2 stick. Any suggestions?

Also, any tips to make the shift from pad to stick easier? Most people have just said it’ll take practice with the stick for a few weeks to get back to where I was with the pad.

The choices for retail PS2 sticks are kinda slim nowadays, but I would recommend taking a look around the Trading Outlet here at SRK or eBay for…

  • Any PS2-compatible sticks from the Hori Real Arcade Pro series (original HRAP or HRAP2 but not HRAP3 or HRAP-EX)
  • Hori PS1 Namco
  • Hori Tekken 5 Collector’s Edition (you’ll likely want to mod this sometime in the near future since the stock parts are subpar)

If you don’t have any luck finding those, maybe you can spring the money for a custom stick with a Multi-Console Cthulhu PCB, since it can support PS1/2 and GCN/Wii (which would be perfect for TvC and MB).

Yeah, HRAPs are good sticks. If you are looking for a US style stick go with a MAS systems stick. Your best bet would be getting a custom on here though.

I own a HRAP that i modded with sanwa buttons and it works great.

If you can get one of those that is an excellent choice. Baring that, I’d go for a custom. Check out the trading post for HRAPs, or Tech Talk for more info on customs.