First Stick Worklog

After browsing all 120 pages of the gallery, i decided to build my own stick. my woodworking skills are limited, don’t expect to much.

The results of day 1:

Dug the table saw out from under some boxes and cut my MDF to the correct sizes

The box after being put together

The box after some initial sanding and shaping

Need to run to Home Depot tomorrow and get some 1/4" MDF and some 1/8" plexi for the top. the smallest hole saw i have is 1 1/4" so ill need to pick up a 1 1/8" hole saw as well. Gonna order some blue sanwa buttons and joystick from lizardlick when he gets them in stock. suggestions and criticism appreciated.


small update tonight. got the lid on and the holes cut for my stick and most of my buttons. would of had the plexi done, but i destroed it. any tips? would it also be ok to use a 25mm hole saw to cut holes for 24mm buttons?

From someone interested in doing this in the future, I absolutely love posts like this. I honestly wish there were more.

So thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see the rest of the show.

it is a dog, though his name is Angus :rofl:.

be careful hahaimapanda

timoe is a rival stick maker as well as rival dog owner (apparently a rival craftsman guy too)

if you’re ever mugged by a stranger that smells like sawdust

you know who the culprit is


nice work btw

How are you gonna make the components accessible? From the top? Thats looking good so far.
Once again Gasp thank you for today’s laugh!

the bottom is removable

nashville_ninja: just doing my job…er well actually just at my job not doing it.

panda: can we get some closer shots of the jointed parts

looks like you might need some work on that area

ever though of mitering the joints at 45 degree angles its easier to “blend”

not insulting or anything

the joints do need work. i didn’t even think of making them 45 degrees. I’d take some photos, but i need some AAs :sad:

nice white jeep 4X4. road off rulz!

My MDF wood case thin is 1" inch. I like to rest my hand on the stick.

thanks for the jeep compliments. i like your stick, you using tinted plexi for the top?


art choices (leaning towards the Dizzy one personally:lovin:): <-- removed due to vaginal issues o.0

I’m feeling the second Chun-Li one myself, though I’m not a fan of american layouts. The Dizzy one could work fine too.

Also: what’s with the start button being the same size as all the others and so close to them? You’ll end up pausing accidentally every time you play.

EDIT: I should also note: props for the stick-making. I stuffed up my woodwork and have to do it all again… :sad:

damn! i love those 2 chun arts. u make those? if so u wanna hook me up with some art?

idk if u should leave that third art up… it shows a bit of… umm…

the “umm…” is gone (at least it wasn’t Bridget, could be surprising):wgrin:. i didn’t make the original images. i found the second one on deviant art and got the first one through google. all i really did was enlarge, position, and add the joystic arrow things. if you want something made let me know.

if i throw u a template and a image can u photo shop em together? if u can i give u special discount on pcb for your stick! =)

the artwork was fine here

its kinda hard not to make dizzy not slutty looking haha


If real picture…this

i’m sorry! I easer pic


i appreciate it, but soldering isn’t a big deal for me. send me the files and i’ll be glad to shoop them for you.

Whoa Opips… whoa… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I like the 1st Chun art. Nice job so far it looks like!

Great thread, Dizzy is one of my favs GGX chars, though heh, dunno if I would be able to use that stick with a straight face, ahahha. Otherwise looks good, good luck, and if you need any help we are all a shout away :).