First street fighter 5 online tournament just for ps4 user?!

so they release the game as a crossplatform title but the first official tournament from them outcludes the pc
platform. great way to bring the community “together” capcom…

Well the PC players can have an advantage by alt-tabbing at the beginning of each match.

But really they shouldn’t be doing online tourneys at all when one player has a better connection than the other. They first need to fix the netcode.

An online tourney in itself should just be for giggles honestly; so who cares if it’s just for one or the other.

Furthermore; Capcom does need to give Sony some attention; since they’re the sole console playing the game and probably the majority of players are on the PS4.

pc gamers are losers

You’re surprised that a Playstation organized tournament is Playstation exclusive? Makes sense to me.

“We wanted to really unify the community,” Ono divulged by way of a translator.
“In previous titles we’d say, ‘We’re having a tournament,’ and [it was] like, ‘Which version?
Is it PC, Xbox, PlayStation? Which joystick should I bring? Which framerate should I practice in?’
It was all over the place. We wanted to have it be one place to play Street Fighter.”"

for a game which has a crossplay functionality to get all the communitys together to be just one big sf5 community.
yes, i am .

the whole game exist just because of sony so thats not a reason to exclude pc user since as it seems they had no
issue for capcom to make a pc version.