First time at EVO, got some questions


This is gonna be my first EVO, and I will just be spectating due to the fact that I only have a xbox stick.
If I was just spectating should I book the room and arrive on Saturday rather then Friday? Or should I just book it on the Friday.
Will the TV’s have components, hdmi, etc?
What is the usual time for check ins?
Any other tips you can give me for my first EVO?


Bring your stick there will be plenty of modders in house. I bet you could have it dual modded in less than an hour. Plus there’s always the BYOC section to play in. If you can play on a TE your set either way since people borrow sticks all the time. Freaklin Diago never brings a stick, he’s a total stick mooch although I think he’s got that taken care of now lol

Bring your stick, get a room and be prepared to spend lots of money =D


Can I rent a room at the RIO if I’m under 21? I’m 18. If not is there a hotel near the RIO that will let me rent?


Check the Rio sticky up top.