First time at evo side tournament?

I’ve noticed tons of people posting about going to Evo for the first time(including myself) and would like to propose something of a First Time at Evo side tournament in the BYOC area. I personally think this would be cool to do since a lot of first timers would be either nervous as fuck, extremely lacking in the skills department, or just plain got thrown to the lions in their pools and got knocked out really early. What do you guys think?

I guess not then?

Well, this will be my first time as well so I’d join in. Well, depending on what you’re playing anyway.

I’m gonna be playing VF5 all I can, but I’m up for other games with other Evo First Timers.

i’d enter this side tourney. although the only games i play are 3s and cvs2.

Count me in. This will be my first time as well.

I’ve never been.

I’m planning on bringing my ST Japan 940223 for the BYOC (I just gotta figure out how to display it (video projector, lcd with BNC RGB inputs, or signal converter with lcd tv). Will there be monitors/televisions there? Or is brining one part of the BYOC deal?

Also, considering i have a ST in CPS2 form, I dont play it on PS2. When in tournament, do you guys know if I can use an arcade stick converted to PS2 controller connector? Or am I stuck using a PS2 controller (which would totally blow).