First time attending EVO, general questions?


I’ll be attending EVO for the first time this year. I already purchased my tickets and I’m just wondering how far in advance should I book the hotel room/plane tickets? Also, what should I expect going to an event like EVO alone?


Try and book the hotel room ASAP.
They’ll take a deposit for the first night…and if you can’t make it you cancel and get a refund before 72 hours to the date of the booking.

As you can read…the Westgate rooms sold out pretty quickly and Wiz was able to get some extra room at discount.

I usually start looking for plane tickets between April and May.

As far as the event itself…expect a lot of hype.


Thanks… Booked the hotel. How expensive is cab fare in Vegas? I’ll need to travel between the Mandalay Bay Hotel which is where I’ll be staying, to the Las Vegas Convention Center which is where they are hosting EVO from July 15 - 16. Mapquest says it’s only a 15 minute drive so I can’t imagine it would be that expensive?


Maybe $20-30.


I may end up getting my plane ticket in June depending on my work situation.


EVO is like walking into the largest arcade in the world. FGC tournaments always have a very family like vibe, so you will be able to make friends easily.
(this is just 2013, happens every year).
When EVO ends, everyone is sad that we have to wait another year for it to happen :rofl:


It’s a little pricey for hotel, but it’s worth it. It’s an experience you wouldn’t forget.