First time builder - Taito Vewlix Layout question

Hello everyone! Building my first arcade stick shortly, and would like some clarification on some subjects before I order the parts.

I will be using the stick for BlazBlue. I played on a BlazBlue arcade machine and liked the feel of it, so I looked up what parts/layout was used. If my findings are correct, they were Sanwa joystick/buttons in a Taito Vewlix layout similar to that used in a SFIV TE stick (also just based on what I could find, please correct me if this is incorrect!)

I looked up the layout on slagcoin’s guide and found it with the following caption:

I will be making a wooden stick, so the screw-in buttons is what I need. Since Blazblue doesn’t even use those two buttons - should I just leave them out (as they were in the arcade machines)? Or is it no big deal to just slide them over to the right without messing with the overall layout? I’m going to be following slagcoin’s simple poplar design - if that matters.

I’m a newb at this stuff so probably a silly question, but feedback would be appreciated.

Use an acrylic top so that you can fit in snap-ins.

The simple poplar design from slagcoin uses an acrylic top but he still went with the screw-in buttons. Do I use a thicker acrylic?

If your not sure of the thickness of your panel, you may need to use a router to make sure the snap-in buttons fit right and that the stick is at the right height.

there is no difference in the screw in buttons, i’ve swapped the insides of snap ins with screw ins on my sanwa stuff.

Also, if you use an acrylic top, you could make the full vewlix style layout and just not cut the holes in your top panel, but have them there under it in case you start playing other stuff…

So using an acrylic top and snap-in buttons is an eligible option? And if this is the case, would I still have the wood layer between the acrylic and the wiring area?

If these questions are too naive, if you can just point me to another good guide (other than slagcoin), that’ll give me a good idea it would be appreciated. I’m just really confused about the layers involved.