First time buyer, conflicted


I’m looking at two different sticks right now:

  • Real Arcade Pro EX-SE (360)
  • Real Arcade Pro 3 (PS3)

I’ve done a bit of research on both, and I was going to get the former because of the Seimitsu parts, in the face of the turbo/common ground/stick switching/ functions of the latter.

A lot of this appears to be personal preference, but I’d still like to get some testimony from those in the know to push me towards one of them.

I’m just getting into fighting games, so a lot of this could be really negligible and boil down to minutae.


They both work just fine, it’s not like the construction of the case has an effect on the parts themselves. plus, you named them to be on different consoles. Get whichever one is compatible with your console.


HRAP in general are good sticks. Just pick the one you need for your console and start practicing!


Did you read the arcade stick faq sticky thread? There are links to more information on Japanese parts–including what people think of them–if you care to read more.


Get something with Sanwa parts. Don’t worry about any other detail.

If you really feel like Sanwa aren’t doing it for you then you can order different brands down the line.


Aw, but darling, Seimitsu is legit too.


To a beginner, Sanwa and Seimitsu will feel the same.


it depends on two things:which system(s) you have & if you want to use Sanwa or Seimitsu parts.




I’d go with the SE (full Semitsu) to be honest… since the HRAP 3 has a Sanwa stick with Hori buttons - still very good for a beginner.
although Hori HRAP non-SA/SE buttons are still miles better than stock Madcatz trash.