First time EVO Questions

Don’t know if this is the wrong place for this thread, if it is I apologize in advance.


How fun is EVO? I am someone who has been in love with, but not necessarily competitively serious about, fighting games since Hyper Fighting on my SNES. I regularly play, watch vids, and read these forums for hours a week on various fighers (third strike, melee, MARVEL, and GGXX Slash are my main interests) - but I would hardly consider myself a competitive player in any of those three games.

My question is: Will I have a good time at Evo East this year?

And while I know you can’t tell me whether or not I’ll have a good time, I’m interested in what there is to do at Evo if I don’t plan on entering a tourney. Are there lots of casuals? Will I spend the whole weekend watching match after match? I really do enjoy watching, and when I do go to the serious Marvel spot (UPinball in Philly) I spend much more time just watching other players pull off the serious infinites/set-ups than I do playing.

But is there anything else to do at Evo? What’s the hotel situation? Do people party at Evo, or is it a very serious event? I’m the kind of guy who could be entertained by getting seriously fucked up and cheering for SF2 matches.

I guess this rambling post can be summed up in two bulletpoints:

-Is there anything else to do at Evo but watch? What’s the casual fighter action like?

-Do people party? I smoke (but not tobacco), I drink, and I plan on doing a whole lot of both all weekend. Will I stick out like a sore thumb or are there others with the same mindset?

I’m pretty set on going to East already, I just want to know what I’m in for.

Yes to all the above.

what’s evo? i thought we were all going to vegas for a poker tournament.