First Time Experiencing the Tournament Scene!

A week ago i decided to tag along with my cousin to go to Arcade Legacy’s ranbats. I was kinda iffy about it but it turned out to be more fun that i expected. Even though i was horrible beatin in SSFIV and Tekken 6, I learned from the guys I met. I like to thank my cousin VJSann for taking me along and Skeez, DR4GO, and Derrick Legend for giving me pointers and tips. im definitely going to the next one. better start practicing. :tup:

Glad you had a good time at AL! I’m sure San has already shown or told you about the Columbus thread here on SRK. I’d definitely recommend posting in there if you have questions about games/characters.

Hopefully see you at the next ranbat. We didn’t actually meet last time, but I remember seeing you chilling with San.