First time going to Evo (from LA). Questions about what nights to actually book


It’s my first time going to Evo this year (to be fair, I didn’t find out about SRK until 2 years ago). I have a just a question about booking/scheduling.

I’m most likely driving from SoCal (LA).

Do pools start on July 29 (Friday)? If so, would it be a good idea to book a night on Thursday to get some sleep? Or should I not worry about it and just check in on Friday?

Also is it worth it to book a night on Sunday and checkout Monday?

Sorry for the noob questions. It’s my first time and I don’t want to screw it up.

Edit: Also if it wasn’t clear, I am on a budget here. Trying to book as cheaply as possible.


I’m considering going (on a budget), too. The most comfortable way I see it is to get a room for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then leave Monday. However, you’re also MUCH closer to Vegas than I am, so you could probably get away with one less night (probably ditching out on Sunday), since I’d assume you’d be driving?

EDIT: As pointed out in my thread, the Gold Coast (right next door to the Rio) is a LOT cheaper, so if you don’t mind taking a walk before and after the event, that may be a way to go.


If you are going to actually play in the tournament, you need to check in on thursday, because pools begin at 9am on Friday. You should check out on Monday, because the last tournament won’t end until Midnight-ish on Sunday. I have driven home to LA before after the last tournament on Sunday and it was not fun.

If you have a car then you can stay at any really cheap hotel (I am a fan of Palace Station), but the cheapest (and best) option is still to find some other people to split a room at the Rio with.


I’m from Brazil and I’m seeing if I’ll be able to be at EVO 2k11, but it would be too expensive, I thought about going to LA instead of Vegas and splitting a room with someone, and the driving travel’s costs. Can anyone give me tips about it? Would it help me or since I’m coming from another country is better to go straight to Vegas? And I’ll still be 18 when EVO runs, so I would need at least someone with 21yo or more to split a room with me anyway (at least from what I heard, I hope it’s wrong).


I highly recommend you check in Thursday and leave Monday. I drove up from L.A. last year and booked a room from Thursday with Sunday check out. The tournament didn’t end until midnight and I barely managed to make the drive back to L.A. without passing out at the wheel. The last day of Evo will leave you pretty tired. Plus a large number of Money Matches take place after the tourney ends that are well worth watching. I’m staying Thursday through Monday myself this year. Staying at the Rio with a bunch of people is a good way to save money, if you get 4 people in a room its a little over $100 a head for the room from Thurs through Mon.