First time modder looking for help


Hey there Tech Talk. I’m looking to build my first custom stick soon but I’m a little stuck. I dunno what to do about the PCB. I’m strapped for cash and can’t afford to buy a suitable controller to cannibalize or another board, but I do have 2 wired PS2 dualshock controllers and one of those 5-button GGXX sticks. I’d prefer to do something with one of the controllers, though.

I’ve been reading Slagcoin but the problem is… I can’t really tell if the controllers will work for this. One is an A series but there’s like 4 different listings for the A series, half of which should be avoided, it seems, and I’m not sure which one it is. I think it might be useable for a solderless hack, though. The other is an H series, which is labeled outright as “avoid”. Now I’m wondering what about it makes the H series so undesirable? Are they just a pain to work with or are they outright just not gonna work?

If all else fails, I was wondering how hard it would be to work with the PCB from the GGXX stick.

So what would be easiest to do? Any info would be appreciated.


You probably dont want to hear this, but if you are strapped for cash, you may want to consider just not modding or building a stick. All the extra tools needed to mod a case and incedental cost tend to cost more than just buying a te or se in the first place. A pcb is just the tip of the iceberg.


^he is correct, im still waiting for the parts i ordered from gamingnow and if i add up the total cost with the other stuff it is >$130… I dont like the dimensions of te/hrap… thats why i want a custom