First time playing SFIV

I finally got a chance to take a ride into NYC and play SFIV. Even though I only got a chance to play it twice, it was definitely worth the ride into the city. Check out the video that my girl recorded of me getting my ass handed to me.


Nice! I’m jealous. Looks like you settled down a bit in the 2nd round and got into your groove, until the very end of course.

Yea, I was a bit nervous @ first cause there was a little crowd of spectators behind me. I haven’t played @ a arcade in years.

you only played 2 matches?

Shit when I visited NYC in late December I made sure to play for like 4 hours.

i plyed for like 6hours my first time hahaha

Yea, I was kind of limited on time. I got there around 3 and I had to be some place at 6:30, so with everyone waiting in line to play, I only got in 2 matches. Eventhough it takes me like 15 minutes to get into the city since I live in Jersey @ rush hour going through the holland it takes longer.