First time psx padhack! Quick question


So I am making a padhacked stick using a ps1 pad- the shell and wiring are from a Madcatz TvC stick-

my question is whether or not i can just solder to the pcb directly from the ribbon cable from the punchdown or if I have to use a daisy chained ground and solder that to the pcb in addition to button connections.

Also if anyone knows the wiring for the ribbon from the punchdown itd be a huge help!

If anyone has any insight i would really appreciate it! can provide pics if necessary!


First I am assuming you are speaking of this board here but for the TVC stick

This particular picture is for a TE, but the part is mostly the same.

The ribbon pin out sequence for the button distribution board is in the same order as the wires coming from that board to the push buttons with the last 2 being gnd and kgnd.
Yes you can solder directly to the PCB, you are actually better off soldering directly to that PCB (specially encase I am not right about every single wire)

The board has the grounds daisy chained for you.

If you not using the tournament lock you might need to bridge the Gnd and Kgnd together


oh wow thanks so much for the extremely detailed response!

so for the ground all I have to do is solder QD ground to the psx pcb ground? also what is kground lol?

also, looks like my QD board is different, 11 outputs whereas yours has 12, I pinned out my buttons though using my multimeter… and remaining one I assume to be ground?

Sorry for all the questions, I really appreciate any and all help with this! I am scrub at modding but I’m definitely improving haha

thanks again!


ok so i got the connections to work as shown by windows gamepad tool but the buttons only activate when pressed if L1 is held down, any ideas?
I tried resoldering the ground, i also tried soldering the L1 elsewhere, same issues :S


Kgnd is most likely the extra line your looking at, its a second ground for the Start and Select. Kgnd leads to the tournament switch where you can turn off the use of Start and Select for Tournaments.

Can we get pictures of your wiring?



Thank you for all your help so far DarkSakul!



Well I do see damaged traces on the upper right corner.
and your solder blobs are kinda on the large size.

Also if you have a multi meter, check your connections.


the damage shouldn’t make a difference as that section can be removed safely according to my diagram…

connections have all showed up correctly via multi meter and windows gamepad

Is it possible one of the solder point has somehow bridged- I was under the impression it would cause a short and cause the buttons/the pcb not to function and I havent encountered this yet (excpet for the L1 thing)

I’ll try resoldering the 3 blobbly ones(the D-pad connections are all just glued- all tested functionally)