First time soldering trouble - Button not working



I just finished soldering a mad catz arcade pcb to my old Agetec. The inputs are working fine except the B button. Sine this is my first time, I have no idea how to troubleshoot this problem. Should I remove the solder and redo it? How do I know I didn’t screw up the board?

Any advice will be appreciated.



Can’t really find out what’s wrong from what you’re saying. Take a picture of your wiring and post it


Thanks for the reply. I managed to fix it…I think there was just too much solder. Now the only problem I have is how to mount the pcb into the joystick case. Does anyone know how to do this?


You probably bridged the left and right contacts of the PCB. It’s a problem I had when I first did a mod with that pcb. The contacts are fully exposed form the start and they are very close so they are super easy to bridge. You should really watch the way your wires are angled also because if they happen to touch the other contact it will cause the same problem.

As for mounting it you can’t go wrong with some velcro.


There’s not like a single proper way to do it. Improvise, it’s what hacking is all about.

Take the bottom half of the joystick you removed, hot glue it or screw it to the inside bottom of the controller, mount the board to that.