First time SSF4:AE player need help with binds


Hello i just bought a stick and SSF4:AE and i am trying to setup the buttons but i dont understand what lp mp hp left shift and right shift are and if you bind everything where do you put throw focus attack and taunt? I am sorry complete noob here


ok let see

lp = low punch
mp = medium punch
hp = high punk

The same with the kicks

lk = low kick

No one’s put throw, focus or taunt in a sigle button, you cant


You actually can. Under Throw, Focus Attack and Personal Action.

Obviously after the 6 spaces are full, you can only choose 2 of those three.
Doesn’t matter though, 8 button is dick.

Basically the button setup is down to preference. I have one friend who plays

Then another who plays

The standard though is:

You push LP and LK together for throw. MK and MP together for focus, HP and HK for taunt.

Obviously tap all three punches or all three kicks together with your ultra depending on requirement (unless you’re Akuma).

You’ll get into Kara and plinking later on, stick with the basics for now.

Oh and about LS/DP/RS

Always have it on DP. LS causes it to lag and RS doesn’t work at all.
Unless you’re using it for Shmups.


thanks for the respond it helped out but what is ls / dp / rs ><? and what is a shmups lol to the 8 buttons 4 in each row i bounded it 1-4 top as lp mp hp throw and the bottom 4 as lk mk hk and focus attack if most people dont bind those bottons then what do they they bind those 2 extra bottons to?


LS = Left stick, DP = D-pad, RS = Right stick and a shmup is a shoot 'em up.

Also from the looks the most common binds are LP/MP/HP/HK to the top 4 buttons and LK/MK/3P/3K to the bottom 4. Also LP/MP/HP/3P on the top and LK/MK/HK/3K on the bottom.
I don’t see focus/taunt binded to 1 button a lot and for me it’s odd to press all 3 punches/kicks to perform ultras and certain other moves.


What in the hell…

Anyway, you CAN use macros (3P/3K) to do Ultra which will help ensure that a super/EX move won’t come out but… if you can do an Ex move anyway, why can’t you hit one more button to do an Ultra?


Oh man, I forgot that the game binds R1/R2 for HP/HK by default. I’ve been playing with pad for a long time but plan on getting either a Qanba Q4 or Eightarc Fusion stick soon. I’m used to having L1/R1 for HP/HK (respectively) and L2/R2 for 3P/3K.

Sorry for that awkward piece of advice :stuck_out_tongue: