First Time Stick Modder


So I’m gonna mod a stick for the very first time and I just wanted some advice of a couple things.

  1. Street Fighter IV FightStick or Xbox360 Fighting Stick EX 2
    I understand the SF4 Fightstick is more popular for modding.
    And I could get either one for 50 US Dollars

  2. I’m going to replace all the buttons and the stick with Sanwa parts. I can get the buttons for 2 bucks a piece and the stick for 20. Is this a good deal? Can I get them any cheaper?

  3. I’ve done enough graphic design to know how to make the design but what do I print it on? Do I make it a sticker or what?


Hori ex2 has 28mm button holes while sanwa is 30. You need to widen holes. Also JLF will touch bottom plate of ex2.

that is a good price for new buttons. Try the trading outlet for cheaper deals.

print out a lamilable at some fed ex kinkos or go to for a polycarbonate print.


The Fightstick SE is way, way less work as rtdzign indicates. The Hori will require widening the button holes (Dremel or otherwise) and probably soldering.

You can mod the Fightstick SE with just the parts and a screwdriver (and some patience/caution).

I like the EX2 well enough (my hori DOA4 stick is still stock, ha!) but it’s not exactly an easy mod.

Modding the SE:

Modding the ART on the SE:


Go for the FightStick SE - already comes with the most expensive replacement part, a Sanwa JLF, and has QD’s on the buttons so no soldering required.

So all you need are your 8 Sanwa OBSF-30’s and about 30 mins. Bingo bango you’re done.

And if you want to do custom artwork, you can easily swap the joystick ball-top for another from Sanwa or Seimitsu, tons of options.

Though, to be honest, it’s almost TOO easy. Sometimes you want to do this stuff because it’s a challenge, not because it’s simple. So, up to you.


The Fightstick SE does not come with any authentic arcade part. It’s all Madcatz knockoff. But, the SE was built to be replacable with real arcade parts.


Has anyone ever used the site ?

It’s cheaper then lizardlick and I want to know if its reliable.


Never heard of it. I usually stick to know dealers, especially ones who have a presence here on SRK:

I think Modchipman is currently down right now though.


Get the Madcatz SE


Crap you’re right, sorry, I must have been having a brain cramp when I wrote that. I was thinking of the HRAP EX.

My guess is whatever you’d save on the parts you’ll pay in extra shipping, looks like they ship from Hong Kong or China.