First-time stick owner needs help modding


So, I bought this SFIV Arcade Fightstick for my brother to use, however, he is incredibly stubborn against using a square gate. He wants to use an octagonal gate, since his primary characters are shoto-style.

How do I go about solving this predicament? I have next to no knowledge on how arcade sticks are built. Can I simply buy an octagonal gate and install it? Do I need a specific type of gate to install? Do I have to buy a whole new joystick because gates are a built-in thing? Will I need special tools?

Please, enlighten me.


Buy a Sanwa GT-Y.
That is the Octagonal Restrictor Gate.

Pop off, pop on.


Greatly appreciated.


The stock Restrictor Gate on Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick? is super stuck on.
You will need assistance from tool to take off.

Do like this with screwdriver: