First time stick owner: TE or HRAP EX-SE?

this will be my first “HQ” stick to say. The only stick I have used thus far is the Hori EX Stick which I thought was pretty awful.

I’m debating to get the TE (Sanwa) or HRAP EX-SE (Seimitsu) and have already done my own research on the two…

however I’m also going to start collecting Shmups on Xbox 360 and would like an overall quality stick for both fighting and shmup games.

Heard that the Sanwa JLF aren’t the best choice for shmups and Seimitsu aren’t that great for 3D fighters?

Would appreciate some more opinions as this will be a expensive purchase for me since I don’t live in the US and shipping is going to cost a lot.

Any feed back is appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: I meant Seimitsu’s aren’t that great for 2D fighters?

hrap ex se. Seimitsu LS-32’s are fine for 3d fighters. They have a lot fo Virtua Fighter cabs with LS-32’s.

If dual modding isn’t in your foreseeable future, then the HRAP EX SE.

If dual modding is something you might want to do soon, you may want to consider the TE, installing a Seimitsu stick in it will be easier than dual modding the EX SE.

JLFs are fine for shooters. I got an F,5XX,XXX score on Ibara arcade on a JLF.

TE isn’t that expensive any more is it? (the normal round 2 one sanyway), not sure where you can get the EX SE though

both sticks would cost about the same and it seems both weigh the same as well so shipping would most likely be very close. I will probably not be dual modding since I do not own a PS3 but it is possible in the future. I do like the look of the TE a little bit more than the EX-SE but not too much.

I play more 2D fighters than 3D fighters but will get back into VF5:FS when its out. Mainly the stick will be used for 2D, 3D, fighters, shmups, and perhaps some XBL Arcade games.

HRAP EX-SE, I prefer Semitsu buttons.

hmm… how hard would it be to mod the TE with the LS-32?

  1. It would be an LS-32-01 (-01 = microswitches mounted on pcb)
  2. If you have a decent set of screwdrivers then that’s all you’ll need (allen keys, flathead and Philips)

Conclusion: very easy to swap out.

Get the EX-SE if you can find it at a decent price. It’s a solid stick and the PS-14G buttons are sexy. The JLF can be a decent shmup stick with a harder spring.

mind PM’ing me where I will be able to get it for a good price? The price for the R2 TE sticks at $100 seems really good. If I can find a EX-SE for the same price point I might just go for that instead. The lowest price I found so far was at newegg.