First time with UMVC need help

I got UMVC a few weeks back but didnt play it much as, SFxT was around corner and just got since it was cheap. but now i want to try it out seeing as right now its collecting dust and doing nothing.

But now ive done few most of the missions for my characters

Jill/X23/Infamous Wesker

But i just find this game hard to understand in way to play but also what to learn and do in the training room? This is my first MVC game so its all new compared to SF type games.

So i just want help with learning MVC but also what to do and practise within training room, as a new player.

Look up combos. Get an idea of the system fundamentals (OTG’s, Histun Deterioration, XFC’s). Hop in a lobby with high-ranked players (5th Lord or above) and turn on Watch, but don’t battle. This game is learned differently than most other fighting games, to me anyway. I learned it by just gathering as much information as I could and testing it out.

Also, that’s a very bad team to start with. Just sayin’, Jill and X-23 are two of the most technical characters in the whole game unless you want a combo to do 350k or 400k. Wesker is fine. Just go in the lab with Wesker and get cr.LMHS MMHS df+H xx Crossover Combination down 100%, then move on to Cr.LMH xx :qcf: + L, cr.MH xx :qcf: + M, dash cr.MHS MMHS :df: + H xx Crossover Combination.

And remember to use two buttons for your dashes!

I can tell you one thing, I don’t think your team compliments each other.

Jill needs a lock down assist to be really affective, wesker helps her
extend her combos with his otg assist, but I don’t know about x-23.
She has an otg move as well, but there is no point in having two
otg assist, in my opinion.

About what to practice, I’d say your combos and get a feel of the characters
you have chosen. Idk, I just practice combos and go straight to playing online. :stuck_out_tongue: