First timer, questions


ive read alot of topics but havent found the awnsers im looking for so
here i go…

i want to make a stick basicly, if i would i would prob buy the case
already made from norris or something :stuck_out_tongue:

but! i have no clue about what parts i need and im not to good
with the sodering gun so what would be the best option for me?

buy a TE or SE and mod it? buttons/stick

buy everything seperatly and make it my self with guides etc

im rly trying to spend the lowest amount of cash possible

and oh i live in sweden so if you know someone here that makes sticks
or something do tell :stuck_out_tongue:

im on the PS3 i would love to have it wireless but not a must
and im going to play SF4 only basicly, how hard is it to make it
360 and ps3 universal?

sry for my bad english its my third language


Madcatz SE: Modding is cake with the SE, you literally only need a screwdriver and the parts you want to put in (and hands that work). Problem is finding one without paying more than $110.

Hori FS3: Fairly priced on eBay (~$60). Only requires basic soldering (no daisy chaining, solder points are very easy and very obvious) and some desoldering. Some sticks will not fit in the FS3, though.

Mayflash/Elecom PS3/USB stick: This stick is a piece of work (there should be a big thread floating around about it), but you can get it for about $30-40, which is a very good price for both a case and a PS3 PCB.


i c… hmmm

is there a step by step guide to make one for ps3?
if i have the box


If you already have the box, get a cthulhu. Dead easiest way to do it. If you know how to solder, you can probably save $15-20 USD by buying an unassembled kit.


na i cant solder so i need to buy a finnished one… but i need
a detailed or description on where i need to put the wires and so on

i would love if you guys hade some links to a “first build” topics/help topics


'nuff said.


You can buy a board and a box and the parts and all that and if you can wire it all together you’ll probably still end up having spent as much as a TE would cost you.

I personally think you should go the “modded SE” route. Nice shaped case, good size, with a little work and some new Sanwa/Seimitsu parts when/if/before the MC ones wear out (or break) it’s just as good as the TE performance-wise and most importantly it’s super easy to go into and fix/upgrade/mod or whatever you want to do to it later. If you buy one and get in there right away and do the washer fix on the stick it’ll probably work just fine for you at first too, and you can upgrade it later as you need or can afford to. Great platform to get your feet wet on. Not the cheapest, not the most costly either tho.

Wireless, dual system and full custom sticks are going to be expensive or take a degree of technical knowledge it doesn’t sound like you have yet, so the SE is a good way to go IMO. Good luck!


thx for everything guys, ill come back when its time to order parts

im going for a full sanwa stick