First timer questions

im gathering info for my first stick so before i start buying stuff i need
to confirm everything

  1. Are the Sanwa(OBSN-30) and Seimitsu(PS-14-KN) identical in shape and size?
  2. Can you put sanwa microswitches in simitsu buttons?
  3. I cant seem to find any shop that carries 24mm buttons that are fully transparent
    like the PS-14-KN, do they excist? i want red and clear 24mm’rs
  4. in akihabarashop the sanwa buttons comes with a bigger microswitch, is those better then the stock ones? and can you put those on the seimitsu buttons?
  5. On the microswitch in akihbarashop the microswitch has 3 pins where does the third go? the other buttons has only 2, one ground and one signal
  6. would they fit in a norris case? :S
  7. what ball size does the madcatz TE use? 35mm?

my design will be:
white case
6 red transparent seimitsu buttons
1 24mm clear for PSN button
and 2 more 24mm red for side

but as i said i rly want all the buttons to be the same so im rly badly looking
for seimitsu 24mm clear and red ones

slagicon quote:
There are also long switches available that are very durable (mainly currently offered by Sanwa). They use the same deflecting plates used by standard microswitches, but the deflecting is very soft and almost unnoticable, so they remain very smooth with very light tension. Plus some models of Sanwa buttons use plungers that are centered on the switches of standard microswitches.

HEy man,

I dont want to seem like im being a dick, but a LOT of these questions are answered in the following thread:

Please try to read that before asking questions.

well not all but mostly but i dont feel like going trhugh 40x topics
its not that im lazy or anything i love the read but i just have the
time atm

so is there a kind soul that can awnser my questions? :lovin:

Sorry to help then dude. Have fun reading 40x topics, considering the fact that the link for Paik4life’s Sanwa/seimitsu FAQ is on there…

It’s not about you not having time. Its about it already being answered. Read the threads before you post redundant questions. That’s why '09 members are just dumped into one group of tards.

ive read alot of them but they dont awnser my questions about microswitches, 24mm buttons etc just a few short awnsers not deep thats why i made my own topic

so im still hoping and waiting for help >_>

You don’t want to be lazy but you want us to post stuff that has already been posted, most of the time, us having to actually do searches ourselves to give you the links.

So as much as you say you don’t want to be, you are being lazy.

If you don’t have the time, why should we waste ours? Welcome to the SRK.

as i said, most, not all questions :confused:

I find it hilarious that you don’t have the time to look things up yourself yet you somehow will miraculously have time to build a stick. Good luck, man…

third time:
most, not all my questions as i said: ive read most of them
and they dont awnser all my questions

i thought i could ask them here, but instead i get bashed.
its not like this is the first forum im regged to i read the rules, the stickes etc
im not stupid -_- BUT they dont awnser my questions! just some

and ive done my studies for the past 2 weeks on stick, from knowing nothing
to being able to build my own but im stuck on these questions.

if ur not going to help dont bother posting O_o

Try and ask in the noob question thread thats stickied…

ye i guess i have to post there also


yes, they “excist”… or X-ist.


Standard one.

Sorry, it’ not that I am lazy, but I just don’t have time answering the other questions.

  1. where can i find them? ive looked in all the shops i could find on SRK
  2. so if they are identical in shape and size the microswitches should fit yes?
  3. so what is standard? 35mm?

thx for the help :slight_smile:

Sometimes I hate being an '09…

Go to for your parts, they should have everything you need.

na they dont have 24mm transparent buttons :frowning:

if you want it you’ll get it…try the trading outlet, go to for HELLA info, read the stickies…

ive read pritty much everything there :smiley:

but still no straight awnsers about the stuff im asking

Wow, two weeks and you can’t answer those questions on your own? It didn’t even take me a week to get those basics down.

Good luck my friend getting a Norris case. I underestimated the demand for them and was relaxed in the time I refreshed a page and added a product to my cart. By the time I was about to begin paying for it it was already out of my cart and somebody else had got it. Tim and Brie haven’t made any plans or stated any dates yet for a re-stock so you may be waiting a while, and even then theres a chance they will be gone within seconds again.

Other than that all of your questions have been answered before many times and are dotted around this forum. You dont need to go through tons of topics, just use the search.