First to 5 or 10 / Recorded put on my channel on youtube

Basicly I want some nice sets for exp. I have a pritty nice bison (imo) and would love to get more exp vs some nice players in this fourm.

Im from UK so, europe players only please.

USA, we can try but after a test game, if its too laggy, it will be a no go.

This is how I will do it. If you want a FT5 or FT10 with me write me a message as follows…

“SRK POST / FT10 / country”

My PSN is tRunes101

I hope I get at least 1 interest.



I think it would help if you’d specify the game.

I think he’s referring to Super Street Fighter 4.

Whoops, yeh SSF4 lol


I’ll play you.

PSN: GodLord