First Tournament...?


How do you know if a tournament is fake because I planned to go to one and they are offering like
1st 500
2nd 200
3rd 100
for 3 games
Is that realistic for a new tournament series?. This tournament is going to be the first of many mor monthlies according to their site. Should I just go? the entrance fee is 25 and 10 per game. I know its a dumb question but its the first tournament im going to and im hoping its not some kind of scam.


Is this dollars? Do you have a link to the tournament posting? A lot of the numbers you’re showing doesn’t make any sense. If the numbers you listed are in American dollars, that sounds DRASTICALLY overpriced. i would do some more research before you decide to attend. You’re best off going to be more reputable tournaments in your area.


Gawd…i’d never go to a tournament like that.

First because you know it’ll attract the big guns. Even though i realize i’ll realistically not win a tournament i go to, i like to be able to lie to myself and keep hope alive haha.

Secondly, i’m a cheap ass. Sure there are other reasons for attending a tournament besides winning, like the social environment, the thrill of competition, going there with your game face on and ready for BATTLE, the overall experience, etc. Ultimately though the majority are just paying to get their ass whooped.

As such, i won’t pay more than $10. I think thats what EVO charges also so its not unreasonable.

Edit: Whoa! Entrance fee alone of $25 AND $10 per game? So $35 to compete in 1 game?! Hell no :eek: