First tourney, any tips?

ok so im going to my local play n trade for a SSF4AE tourney and i have never been to one before so can you give me some tips?

Bring your stick. Stay focused. Play as cheap as possible.

Well, you can find tips on how to get better at the game anywhere on this site.

As far as things to do at a tournament, don’t be anti-social. Go with a learning mindset, play lots of casuals against the best people there. Bring some extra cash to get dinner with (or pack something). Bring a bottle of water or two.

Wear deodorant.

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

i forgot to mention there is free pizza and soda lolz

Don’t go full retard while playing. Also pick a top tier character and ABUSE the hell out of what they can do. And remember its not that you win its that the other guy loses.

  1. Bring your own stick/controller.

  2. Try to get as much play time as possible, so that you can learn from other players. It’s also a time to give you some quality offline practice, while learning how people handle various matchups, so that you can come up with a counter strategy against them in future tournaments.

  3. Don’t be afraid to get to know people. Be a part of the community and socialize.

  4. Don’t be an asshole.

  1. Be a total Dick, insult everyone and their mother Trashtalk like a bad guy from a 80’s Sport Flick.

  2. If you loose, blame it on everything but yourself, something got in you eye, the guy shoved you during a combo, the screen was too bright and of course : your controller was broken. Also, insult the winner, he obviously is a Baby-eating Nazi.

  3. When you win, bellittle the looser with all you might, nothing is sacred, if he is from some ethnia that is not white, get yourself some racist points.

  4. Be gross, instead of deodorant, go roll in some trashcans. Burp, fart and spit everywhere and on everybody.

  5. try to stay alive.

That’ll do it.

LOL like dsp?

Yeah, also i see there is free pizza and soda.




Don’t think about it too much. The more you do, the more nervous you’ll get. The more nervous you get, the worse your performance will be.

BE PATIENT. I still have huge problems with this. It’s not like XBL where people will just be random and do stuff cause they’re bored. If you’re comfortably winning then by god be lame and cheap for 60 seconds if you have to.

i know i suck on XBL but im really good offline

what would you consider top tier dont mention ken or ryu :stuck_out_tongue:

Pick whatever character that you feel comfortable with, and that you feel is going to give you the win. Don’t whore the top tiers just because they’re top tier, if you have no idea how to use them or how to handle the matchup, you’re probably going to lose.

Dan is top tier…pick him.


Just play and dont think too much. You will find that people play way different in person than the people u meet online.

Play seth and just “do stuff” seems to work for poongko.