First Try Padhacking, All Buttons Are Active

Me and Dhgriff9 are padhacking a Madcatz PCB for the first time.

We intended to use it in my SE Fightstick for a dual mod.

We finished the dual mod, and the Directional Inputs work perfectly.

The other buttons on the other hand are always considerd active as seen in this pic when we tested inputs on my pc. no buttons are being pressed

We used the following tutorials when doing this

Also on the dual mod we soldered directly to the points on the PCB below the terminal strip instead of what was shown in the tutorial for the Dual mod.

Make sure you don’t have a ground accidentally touching somewhere. Also be sure you are looking up the right diagram for your version of the PCB.

Mostly Fixed but still 1 problem.

Thanks as you were right for the most part.

On the PCB connected to the terminal strip we soldered to the ground and not signal. After this was fixed though Start still acted the same way as did B.

We used your advice for those and Start was fixed but B still is still not fixed on the madcatz 360 PCB.

Does anyone have ideas on how B can be fixed?

Thanks in advance.