First wave of third party Xbox One padhack options

do these all work on the PCs? i was looking at picking up two mini’s but i wasn’t sure if i’d have a problem with the triggers on PC. thanks

Front page just posted up the new PDP MK pad. I’m guessing all Dual-Gen sticks need the toggle switch? How easy would it be to link the toggles together for a dualmod (assuming I use a toodles imp2)? As in I get this pad, then padhack it into some PS4/3 joystick, and the toggle is basically Newgen -> Lastgen?

2 things to keep in mind:

  • the ImpV2 wouldn’t be able to auto-detect between the PS4- and XBO-compatible PCBs, you’d need to do the whole “hold the button while plugging in”
  • Depending on how the switches are wired, you might not be able to group them as PS3+X360, PS4+XBO. Or even at all. For example, the Hori Fighting Commander 4 Pro for PS3/PS4, the toggle switch is set to PS3 when the signal is low, and PS4 when the signal is high. It may not necessarily be the same case with X360/XBO controllers. It may be the reverse, in which you’d end up with PS3+XBO, and X360+PS4. Or it might be something else entirely.

Have you tried this Hori xbox one gem pad. I hear its all digital and wired.

Haven’t tried it yet. Is it in stores or online?

Anyone interested in buying any 3rd party xb1/ps4 pads that I haven’t posted padhack info and sending them to me?after I analyze them and post info on them I’ll padhack them with screw terminals for ya for free. Just handle the shipping cost.

Very helpful. Thanks Gummo.
Added a new pad. Hori’s Horipad for Xb1. Common ground and no trigger inverting needed.

Hey guys is it not possible to dual mod an Xbox one hori pad and an Xbox 360 madcap VS pcb. I ask because I have run into a problem. When I connect both triggers to each other, in xbox 360 mode the rt is always pressed but in xbox one mode it works just fine. Pretty much the same with the start buttons. Is this just some weird problem I am experiencing or has someoneelse experienced this?

So an update go my problem. The picture up there for the hori pad is wrong in the case of the menu button. The signal for the menu button is the other contact. The pink dot in the picture is actually pointing at the ground. As for my rt problem, it most likely has to do with my setup being connected to some rgb leds and the green on the rgb connected to my hk button went out and that may be playing with something a little bit.

This may be a stupid question but anyway, here I go.
Can I use a ChImp from Toodles + Hori Pad to made a PS3/Pc/X1 fightstick?
I mean, the X1 controller has the same buttons as the 360.

Anyone have info on that PDP MKX Pad? It says supports 360 and X1.
I have an old Agetec Dreamcast I modded for 360 and wouldnt mind chopping that up to try the PDP pad.
Optimally I have a MadCatz TE, 1st batch I believe, I would rather use since I put different buttons and ball top in it.
And/or possible to put an external switch or some such to toggle the 360/1.
I doubt id even use it for 360 anymore, but like to cover my bases.

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but the Mini Series Xbox One pads sometimes are as low as $15 used over at Amazon. Great pad to hack if you know how to invert the triggers.

I have 3 of these already. The first one was $22, the second one was $18 and I couldn’t resist buying a third one for $15 shipped a few minutes ago :neutral:

At the time of Writing, the PDP MKX pads are not out yet, all the pads you see so far are review copies for people who work in gaming journalism.
So we can’t answer your hacking questions until someone actually hacks this pad, that is assuming this pad feasible for hacking.

Thanks for this. I will be trying on the Hori soon. Do I need to do anything with VCC line if not using dual system stick? I don’t fully understand what the VCC is used for and when/where it is used.

VCC is an electronics designation (or notation) that refers to voltage from a power supply connected to the “collector” terminal of a bipolar transistor.
VDD, VSS and VEE are also notations used, it gets into how Transistors work, as typically VCC goes into the collector Pin of NPN Transistor, it also refers to the Power Pin of a IC (integrated circuit, also known as a microchip or just chip).

Typically VCC referring to positive voltage (unless you are referring to a PNP Transistor then it’s Negative).

Any ways for our purposes, VCC is another name for the supply power wire, in most stick PCB’s its our +5 volts.
The VCC is where the power comes from.

Typically the Red wire in a USB cable is the +5 volt line, it supplies the controller with electricity, it often called VCC.

You would tap into the VCC point on a board if you need to power something else, like a IMP board or a LED controller (like the Kaimana RGB LED Board).
You also need to connect the two VCC together in a Dual mod (so both boards have power).

If you are not doing a Dual-Mod, you don’t need to do anything with the VCC other than make sure its connected to its source of power.

Makes perfect sense. Used in the event you need to power anything additional. ie. Powered stick, IMP etc. Thanks.

Slightly off topic, whats peoples opinion of the Xbox one default dpad? I just got a XB1 3 weeks ago and tried Killer Instinct and I couldn’t get any QCF moves to work, like the diagonal wasn’t detecting at all. This coming from a man who did all the SF4 trials on the 360 pad without problem. I do recall modding my pad a lil, shaving the well/pit area around, but that just made it smoother, it was already decent.
I’m wondering if I just have a bad controller.

As for the inverter, does Radioshack carry that? I’ve done some 360 modchips so inverter looks easy enough in the event I go for one of the cheaper choices.

Lastly, I’ve only ever done pad hacks for a single console. What do I need to read up on if I were to add an xb1 into my 360 Mad catz TE?

It is still a Xbox pad.

It is still a Xbox pad.

You are a masochist

There is still Radioshack locations left? The one near me been closed for a month now, I think the company is going to bankruptcy.
You are better off getting the parts you need online as you don’t pay a arm and a leg for them.

Ha, not only did I do the trials on a pad, but I believe it did them again on Super SF and also SF4 on PC.
I’m in NYC and theres still a bunch of radio shacks all over.
What site can you recommend that has that? Maybe get the SMD resistors if price is right, and maybe an 0805 LED to change that white guide button to blue again.