Fishing for Parries and Baiting Throws

These are probably two of the best strategies in the game, and my biggest weaknesses. My game would increase dramatically if I was able to use them to my advantage, so if some other Oro players could post tips I would really appreciate it.

Let’s start with fishing for parries. From your experience, does Oro have any safe attacks that people try to punish instinctively? Which direction should I option parry at certain ranges? etc.

I see people bait throws all the time with other characters, and I do it myself with a few of them, but I have yet to figure out a good method of baiting throws with Oro. Can you give me some patterns that you guys use to fake people into wifing throws so I can get in that close mk>qcb.p? Furthermore, is it even worth it with Oro since his throws are so useless?

Well the thing about oro is, he needs to be practically in someones face if you want to fish and bait on the ground. He doesn’t have very many baiting specials either besides blocked air chicken.

The thing is that you want to land either close or close Otherwise the damage on punishment isn’t worth risk. but in order to do that often times you need to be in their face. If oro is good at anything is fishing in the air. Oro is not to fucked with in the air, and he has an ass load of good options. Parrying down an anti air is pretty much your win.

s.jab and s.short are like +5, +4 on block respectively, you can walk forward and fish for down parries after that, also oro’s making people whiff throw game is not that good since he has like NOTHING to punish. sometimes if they are near stun, i’ll like walk forward into the corpse when they are knocked down, then dash back rh. other than that you usually want to get in mp somehow or annoy them somehow so base your strategy off that

I’m looking to punish with > hcb.p

use that shit to punish anything a standing strong wont hit. especially chun’s low forward. :wink:

I don’t really see a point in fishing for parries with Oro, but I’m sure that towards+MP works good on the big characters… like with Ken’s MK… the recovery is faster than you think.

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I think fishing for parries as Oro isn’t as good as it would be for other characters but that extra damage here and there always helps, no matter how small the ammount.

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baiting throws is fun :stuck_out_tongue:

UOH dash back when they try to grab then dash forward grab
jumping RH dash back dash forward grab
walk up on meaty then dash back forward grab :stuck_out_tongue: believe that was said before

Also dashing back durning makoto mix ups works well for whiffing her command grab

These are all pretty much horribly risky.

Its a gimic thatll work a good few times, but dash back dash forward after sumin like a jump in or a uoh is actually pretty slow, if they do react to it, ull eat something bad. However against makotos command grab in her mixups its actually very good, i believe you time to dash back dash forward, or maybe just, thanatos was doing it in some match. Itll also let you evade an antiair cr.rh of makotos if they think ull jump away during the mixups.

Makotos mixups are horrible as it is, dash back is a good method to eliminate some of her options.

Have you met Mr. EX Oroshi yet? Or how about Mr. EX Tsurugi? Haha Makoto’s so annoying.

I’m thinking the same thing, it’s probably more safe to jump back and parry but dashing back would probably be worth it if you’ve got health to spare.

True but they work if you mix it up well. I, wait one second and then grab, it’s usually teched. After about two or three times it’s pretty safe to dash back, forward and grab.

Dashback Roundhouse is good enough for me.


i do this also, just mix it up :wonder: