Fist of the North star PS2 - Last boss (spoilers)

I’m playing the game now and I’ve managed to get Raoh energy down on the second round and for a couple of seconds he was laying on the floor in a heap with waves coming from him but when I went near him I was getting flown back across the screen.

Then next thing I know He started charging back upto full energy So I ask How do I finish him off once I take his energy down.

I know there is a FOTNS thread but it has a 1000+ posts and I’m not going reading through everyone and for all I know the answer I’m seeking is not even in there.


god, just combo into fatal ko

this thread is going to get closed.

Either kick his arse again after he gets his energy back (simple) or before you take off all his stars, combo into a fatal ko. For example if he’s got 2 stars left do a -2 stars > fatal KO combo.

Raoh does his energy resurrection move if he is beat down on the second round(after you’ve won once), or he’ll do it if you take off all his stars in the second. The stars are the key.

What i do is knock off all or almost all his stars in the first round, before beating him. Once the second round starts the first thing i do is knock off his remaining few stars, which triggers his resurrection move.

He can only do the move once. After that you proceed to beat him a second time and it is done.

Also there are ways to combo into a fatal KO after you take his last star off, but i never bothered to figure one out. I like my method of triggering the move early on so i won’t have to deal with it later.

Your question is actually answered there. Even if you didn’t feel like going through the tons of pages, you could’ve still asked in the same thread rather than openning a new one :rofl:

Anyway, to answer your question, you can either wait for him to fully charge and then kill him off (as he won’t use the power-up move again). Or, for an easy win when he’s got 1-3 stars left, just use a combo that takes that many stars and finish with the FKO as part of the combo. The best way is to take away all his stars in round one, and when he starts round 2 with a single star, you can simply use the Banishing Strike (C+D) then auto-boost into the FKO.

Oh no…

thanks to all the guys who answered my questions and now the thread can be closed.

EDIT I beat the game now and what a crummy ending, oh well onto the history mode

^^ in, out… like the SAS. lol

I don’t mind not having an ending since everything else about the FOTS game rocks. As for history mode i’ve rarely ever touched it since i have had the game.

I guess i don’t see the point and all it’s menus are in japanese too so i don’t know what the heck is going on there, or what stuff i’d have to complete to unlock more things in it.


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