Fist of the North Star/Rumble Fish 2 BYOC Tourney/Casuals

I’ll be bringing my consolized atomiswave for casuals and a tourney if there is enough interest in it. I remember last time I posted about it there was a few people from Texas interested as well as a few others interested in Rumble Fish 2. I’m posting this to try and figure out what day would be best to host this stuff.

I haven’t played RF2 in a long time, and I’ll gladly try it out again!

Count me in for both, should be a lot of fun.

omg bro if u can bring rumble fish 2 to evo that will make my day mang.


Yeah, I’ll have it there for sure. Does anyone know anyone who can mod some agetecs for me? I want to get them modded for the consolized AW at Evo, I already have the pcb’s and sticks, just need someone to mod them. I’ll pay shipping both ways(obviously) and 50 bucks for the pcb installation.

nice,so im guessin its on DC ports right?

Fuck that slut Garnet. lol I wish I could come back to the states to throw down with you again bro. Angry Black Man ftw!

Nah, I bought the actual arcade boards in February. Couldn’t wait for Fist of the North Star to hit consoles so I ordered a consolized atomiswave mobo with Fist of the North Star and the Rumble Fish 2. I also ended up getting a Cigarbob cabinet for them but I’m unable to get that to evo.

Edit: The consolized atomiswave has neogeo ports on it, I have converters for it right now but I want to get 2 sticks that directly connect so I don’t have to rewire my HRAPs for the converter seeing as the 5th button(boost for FotNS) is select on them. If worst comes to worst I’ll rewire the hraps but I’m hoping someone will be able to mod the agetecs for me for me, paid for of course. I already have 2 Street Fighter ps2 controllers that were modded to directly connect to the Neogeo ports so I was thinking someone would be able to take the pcb’s out of those and put them in the agetecs.

lol Toki no Toki. :smiley:

Let me know when you’re going Noc, I’ll roll with you.

Raoh/Souther Tag Team. Need to play around with Sheryl some more, fun stuff.

Put me in for RF2.

Man, if Hokuto no Ken is set up for casuals and possible tournaments, I’ll so be there.

Alright, just got my modded green goblin agetecs back from DJ_Matrix today and everything is set for Fist of the North Star/Rumble Fish 2 casuals/money matches/tourney(if there is enough interest). If anyone needs my cell number just shoot me a PM or contact me on AIM at Hydra632 before 4pm tomorrow. I’ll be at Suncoast Thursday night then Redrock Fri-Sun. I’ll try to get setup at the BYOC early Friday morning. Looking forward to some good games.

Alright, just got back from EVO. Fist of the North Star casuals ended up being really nice, I got about 40mins of matches recorded and I’ll try to have those uploaded soon. Most of the matche feature Mago’s Raoh vs Laugh, Alex, Nocturnal, Kindebu and a few others, a few of Kindebu busting out the new Rei glitch and playing Juda. Thanks to Dr Stormlocke, Nocturnal, Deadly_Magneto, Dash no Chris, Alex, Kensou, Asian Hitler, Laugh, Mago, Kindebu, IFC Yipes, Nick T(thanks again for all the tips in Rumble Fish 2, you’re a true beast!) and the rest of the Texas FotNS/Rumble Fish 2 players for making the casuals a lot of fun.

good games to the dude that brought the machine.

I’m the dude, that was trying to play shin on hokuto im really considering buying one of those box things.

That was me that brought it, didn’t catch your name at Evo. You were picking up the game pretty fast, keep practicing!

wtf is there a dc port for rumble fish 2?

No, I brought a consolized atomiswave. Good meeting you laugh, you are very good at HnK, hopefully we can play again sometime.

yeah, thanks for bringing it… i will cry when i see the mago rape-footage.

(-alex/mr. heart guy)

I love playing this game.