Fitting a Hori Hayabusa into a Datel Arcade Pro/Mayflash/Paewang case?


My Sanwa buttons and Hayabusa stick just arrived in the mail today and I started disassembling my Datel stick. But now I’m a little unsure how to go about fitting the stick in the case. The mounting plate takes up too much space so I’ll have to cut off a lot from the inside to fit it. And without the mounting plate the stick only seems to have two holes for screws that don’t line up with the pre-existing holes in the case either. What would be the best way to make this fit?


If it’s really just the mounting plate that’s too wide, buy a Sanwa JLF mounting plate and swap it with the Hayabusa’s.


I’m waiting for a Hori RAP V3 Kai to be delivered so I could possibly just swap the sticks around. But then I’ll have to wait about a week or two longer. I think the stick got lost in Germany when it was supposed to be delivered to Norway lol. Thanks for the suggestion though, but it’d take some time to get one of those delivered here. I was hoping for a more immediate workaround/fix