Fitting a semitsu stick in a sanwa case

So I was looking around ebay for some good deals, when I came across someone selling a case, with a stick and buttons. In the description, he stated the case was made by someone on here, and he didn’t have any need for it. It came with 6 red Sanwa 30mm buttons and 3 white 24mm buttons. The case was really nice, it had a white paint job with Plexiglas (it came with Sagat artwork under it. I’d be interested to know if anyone on here recognizes it). He even included a Semitsu stick with it. Pretty much just stick a PCB in it and you’re ready to go, right? No.
I got the stick, great price on it, and it shipped pretty quickly. Great condition. Only bad part? The hole in the case was for a Sanwa JLF, and I had a Semitsu LS-32. So the first thing I did was order a new mounting plate for it, which came in an amazing 2 days from Lizardlick (I’m going to call them Monday to thank them). However, the plate would still not fit, it was too wide to fit in the groove, and the LS-32 didn’t fit in the hole all the way (the hole was probably not cut all the way). I simply filed down the edge of the hole for the stick, and then used a hammer and chisel and pecked away at the wood until I was able to set the plate down. The bad part is, the stick doesn’t fit all the way, so the shaft doesn’t come up as far as it usually would. After securing the stick, I realized the next problem… the wire harness on a Semitsu is on the right side, and there was no room for it in the case. Seeing as I didn’t plan on switching the gate, I turned the stick 90 degrees so the harness is at the bottom. I should just be able to adjust the wiring for it accordingly.
Honestly, if I had just stuck the parts in a pre-made case that was made for someone else and wired in a PCB, then I don’t think I would have enjoyed this project as much. When I have to redo the work, even if it’s a bit ghetto, then I feel like I’m actually using my brain, and that the stick is truly something I’ve made.