FIU 3S Results 2/18/03


I don’t have the bracket’s, so this is just what I know.

1st - Carlos Cirrillo
Ryu SAII/Hugo

2nd - Daher Hajje

3rd - Rey

4th - Juan
Ibuki SAI

5th - Richel

5th - Marcel

Carlos won the winners bracket by putting me in the losers. I beat Rey and immediately fought Carlos in the finals. Against Ryu, I won the first set 3-0. Then he switched to Hugo while I was stuck with Ken and he won 3-1. 25-30 people attended and the sticks sucked.

Edit: fixed results.


Three questions:

1.) Was Hannibal there?

2.) Just how bad are the sticks?

3.) When’s the next FIU 3S tourney?

If the sticks are bad but manageable (i.e. You can parry with no extra effort) then I’d like to attend. :slight_smile:

I haven’t played you Miami fella’s in a loooong time.


No, Hannibal was not there. Not too many non-FIU students heard of the tourney, but that bastard Carlos knew:mad:. The sticks were bad because it was difficult to perform combos and dp’s and random movements came out frequently. I’ll be sure to let you know whenwe have another one.


Carlos using Ryu?
Daher conceals the tournament in hopes of improving his chances?
Im just kidding; your recent interest in the game would insure my utter defeat,
however I would have enjoyed the competition. Maybe next time.


Hannibal, I could’ve sworn I told you about this tourney and the last one. I have to convince the guy holding it to make it available to non-students.


While I know it’s a long drive for you guys you should try attending one of the Gainesville tournies.

Colin Caldwell, June Ro, and many others provide a good challenge when it comes to 3S.

The last 3S tournament in G-ville had 20-25 people!

Only downside to the whole deal is that it’s console onlyand while that’s cool with me I’m not sure how a majority of you Miami players feel about that.

Either way keep up the good work and hopefully I’ll be able to play you guys in some 3S matches (be it tourney or casual) real soon!

Take care.


r u guys having a tourney next week, i think i might come out of retirement to play, i’ll be in miami for spring break