FIU South Florida FG Tournament

Planning is occuring for an FIU South Florida Tournament that might occur in September.

The fighting games that may be available are:


Please let me know what your serious suggestions for games are to be run during this time are and what you would like to see. It would be on the FIU campus and the gameroom, quite possibly on a Saturday and there will be a $10 entrance fee and possibly $10 per game and standard 70/20/10 pot prizes.


FIU sticks/comp FTW!

hey hey hey…XI is coming out in a few…how bout some kof (^_^) 2k2 or XI :wink:

Andres CVS2 should be on DC or arcade. Other than that I want to see you pull the tournament out of your ass cause you’ve been saying shit since I first met you and nothing (like your name) has happened.

If it goes down I’ll help you run the games. Last time I spoke to anyone about tournaments on campus they said that each participant has to be an FIU student. If this has all changed that will be great if not then I guess that means free money for me and alex when we go back to school.

Edit: oh and if there is XI that actually might bring more scrubs. I hope those sticks last for a while (if we even get anything) because there are too many people that bang the shit out of those cabs and screens.

But I rather have an all Capcom tourny first then we could get to the other crap later on.

If I recall, the PS2 version is the same as the DC / Arcade versions, and PS2 has higher stick compatibility than the DC and also plain more availibility of PS2 consoles – and that’s what I will be leaning on.

There was a meeting for the gameroom recently and I’m one of the staff members of the gameroom. We’re probably going to end up with one machine each of 3S, CVS2 and MVC2, and then a bunch of other garbage that won’t make any money and will lead to us being able to pull strings for better games to show up (our current vendor is being completely defensive and isn’t offering new games, so no Hokuto no Ken or GGXX Slash for now – he actually wanted to put in Isuka, so we straight out told him no on that).

BYOC console tournaments are more viable because we can get TVs from the A/V department set up inside the Gameroom area and outside where the current arcade machines are and set up a bunch of them.

This will mostly be a test drive for something much greater. It will be a public, South Florida event and with proper planning and a complete outline of the event it could even turn out to be a major scheduled for October. This all just really depends on the interest this garners and if people are willing to show up for this kind of thing.

I start college in july at FIU so I’m down with it like a motha fuker.

Just keep me up dated

The contract with our vendor is very explicit in that he will get sued / removed for breach of contract if he does not come and fix whatever we find wrong with the machines within 24 hours of being called / contacted.

I am down for 3rd strike but when is it?

If you had bothered reading the thread, you would know it’s in planning stages and that I’m looking for suggestions as to when, what, and if people would show for a September-October tournament.

I’m down for this. I’vebeen waiting for a tourney in Miami for a long time now. Why don’t you add Tekken 5 to the mix, that’ll be great. if not then thats cool also.

tekkan what? what is that

September-October is good for me.

add CVS1 to it. lol

sigh thank god now we can have a tourney since sudash can make it


Who’s sudash?

The real question is Whhoooooooo caaaaaaaarrress???:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

We might, but we’re sad because we can’t get a DR machine and people want to play that.

Speaking of which, we might actually HAVE a normal T5 machine.

Since there’s interest, I’ll be drafting some pseudo-legal shit so I can show it to my boss(es) and get the ball rolling for a tournament. :tup:

I can’t get help other than from FIU students/workers for running games and shit so Andrew, I could end up using your help. Then again, we might have enough people working that day (Jeff, Rene, Rick and I) and so we can probably handle that shit pretty easily. We’ll see!

whats the reason for not getting DR? and if you are gonna get FOR THE LOVE OF ALL GOD DO NOT GET 5.1 THAT VERSION IS TRASH!!!

It’ll probably be straight-up 5 on a simple cabinet.

The reason is that the vendor doesn’t want to put money into it, plain and simple.

I was going to ask for Naruto GNT4 but then you’re going start talking shit…:rolleyes: