Five months without play, does it really mess you up that bad?

Well I used to be good in SSF4 about five months ago and usually went on 5-10 win streaks at a time…However life called and I hadn’t played at all… Well my execution is still almost perfect (I can pretty much do the same move over hundreds of times without messing up) but I played a couple of my friends and I lost terribly…and these are the friends that say throwing fireballs are cheap… They really aren’t good but why am I losing so bad? How can I re-improve myself…? Thanks Shoryuken

I quit for exactly 6 months, came back, 1 week later i was waaaay better then i ever was. I was also pretty scrubby so it might be different.

Just keeping playing. I played DOA4 after possibly almost a year and got my ass handed to me left and right before winning a few matches.

You have to remember that playing a game like this isn’t about beating the game, its about beating the player. People get way better after time goes on.

Not really, I went a year without SF4 picked up a newer version later on and was still good at it, it’s like riding a bike. Getting good, finding out what your good at then putting it to use is a different story.

While it can be difficult getting back into a game after not playing for a prolonged period of time, once you start playing more consistently, you’re going to improve in no time. Even though you lost to your friends, don’t take it as a sign that it’s absolutely hopeless to improve. Rather, you should take some time and try to figure out WHY you lost so terribly. If your basic execution is almost perfect, then it’s probably other aspects of your gameplay that’s causing you to lose. Maybe you play too aggressively with too many jump-ins and meaty attacks. Perhaps you play too conservatively, and allow yourself to get pushed back into the corner. Maybe you play too predictably, and you’re not able to surprise your opponents with anything? It could be a number of reasons, but once you take a moment to think about your loss, you should be able to come up with a gameplan to improve yourself and start dominating your friends.

Btw, throwing fireballs aren’t cheap, it’s a part of the game, and it’s what differentiates 2d and 3d fighters. If they complain about fireballs, then that’s probably their greatest weakness, and you should abuse it to great effect.

lol one day without play and i feel hella rusty