Fix my combo

I was playing in training mode the other day and was trying for max possible damage Cody combo on Seth without counter hit. I was TRYING for JHP, forward MP, MP, CHP, HRK, FADC, forward HK, exCU (dizzy), 4x whiffed zonk knuckles, lvl2(?)FA, forward MP, MP, CHP, HRK, FADC, U1.

When I actually execute all 4 bingos and FA with the correct spacing and connect all 4 1-frame links, I end up lacking the smallest imaginable amount of meter to execute the last FADC. Due to my inconsistent execution and the need for “max start” SC gague and multiple restarts, I cant test whether possibly a lvl 3 FA or a modified combo would give me the extra sliver of meter that I need. I have seen some finish similar combos with HRK, FADC, HRK, U2; but the U2 only hits for a few initial hits. Like I said, I am going for max damage.

Has anyone pulled this off? A few tips to anyone who tests this: Have at least half the screen for knockback; otherwise you cant pull the screen to max distace to throw 3 chain bingos without connecting. As for the zonks during dizzy; I throw one immediately, charge all three punches, jump back, dash back, release all three in sequence. (this may not be the most efficient way to charge meter during the dizzy)

Any help is appreciated.

I belive a combo that long doesnt change your damage much. I’d simply go for xx ex zonk, u2 at the end. + 4x whiffed zonk nets 220 meter. you’ll need another 30. a lvl 3 focus gains you 20 meter (compared to lvl 2).
you could also do zonk instead of (combos in corner just fine with ex cu) for 20 more meter.

btw nj.hp > lvl 2 focus in terms of damage (yields same amount of super). also better for followup damage due one less hit counter.

that combo doesnt seem more/most damaging, rather double 1framelink & building extra ex tough

if what youre looking for is more dmg why quibble over a ch start? also: the FA’s scale your combo dmg more &&& nj fierce does 20 more dmg than j.fierce.
so what is the dmg youre ending up @ anyway?

im fairly certain the highest dmg possible(w/counterhit) vs seth was turned in as a response to [media=youtube]wXua5XvfWGk"]maj’s 700class challenge… monirakings 710 damage combo. he used the j.fierce knife>c.fierce knife>u2 ender that maj used in the [URL="[URL=“”[/media] to land 699 dmg

about charging the bingos: if you want more, then they have to be faster aka lvl1 zonks. the fastest way ive found that works for me is:
hold :lp: + :hp:, release :lp:, hold :lp:, release :hp:, hold :hp:, release :lp:, hold :lp:, etc.

@ZUkUu: I thought about using Zonk to exCU originally, but the problem is the corner requirement. I couldnt squeeze in as many whiffed zonks without being able to pull the screen to max. Getting the dizzy in the corner just wouldnt allow it. As for the nj.HP, I have tried that as well, but the tight timing after 4x whiffed zonks made the FA more viable for me; however it might be the best option.

@spookey: I have been starting with nj.HP, just forgot the “n” in the op. As for the ch starter, idk, just wanted to try something that I hadnt seen done yet.

After reading your replies, I put it down on paper. To dizzy without the ch, the first part of the combo is mandatory; so all I am considering is everything after the dizzy. He is dizzied at 7hits, following with U2(20%) would net ~100 dmg. (Knife)j.HP(30%), c.HP(20%), U2(10%) is a little better at ~110 dmg. You were right, the FA kills the dmg enough that even IF i could generate enough meter AND land the lvl3FA, the knife combo still does more damage. However, if there is a way to generate that extra 30 meter, njHP, forwardMP, MP, cHP, HRK, FADC, U1 would net ~121 damage…at least on paper. Added to the 469 dmg from the first half would make a 690 combo without counter hit.

Thanks for your help. I have probably wasted too much time on this already so I will let it die. haha

edit: 469+121=590, not 690. Shows how many brain cells Ive killed on this.

i think the double fadc’s also do some scaling iirc.
ill have a go @ it & see

& no point letting it die after putting that much into it already, best to just land it & get closure :nunchuck:

record it just “for the show”. how ever I’d roll with corner zonk => ex cu and end with xx ex zonk, u2 [looks non corner even more better : D] just for the show.

lol hey i remembered from a long time ago & just reconfirmed: if you charge a lvl3 zonk on jab while doing njfierce,fmp,smp,cfierce xx hkruff,fadc,bingo,excu for the dizzy it does 489 damage & makes your fingers all pretzel’d up :lol:

& from messing around just now: you dont want more & faster level 1 zonks you want lvl3s because they build significantly more meter
edit or @ least is seems that way on this little crt im on presently heh

WOOT, just landed a big one. Not what I was originally going for though. Lvl3 zonk in place of forwardHK does score 20 extra dmg. Also, I abandoned the idea of trying to work up meter for a 5-bar combo until I can spend more time testing it. But it did free me up to set options back to infinite sc gauge and use an extra ex bar for style.

So I went with exRock, tMP, MP, cHP, HRK, FADC, lvl3 zonk, exCU (dizzy), knife jHP, cHP, U2 for 29 hits and 605 dmg.

Thats even higher than the theoretical, overly-difficult 590 dmg combo (not 690; check my edit on second post.) Ex rock helped me some with timing my links oddly enough, but doesnt change the damage, stun, or scaling any. Nj.HP would work exactly the same and doesnt require the corner to start the combo.

I dont have the equipment to record it, but try it for yourself; its not difficult. Not that too many people would get excited about a 605 combo, but still, for no counter hit its not too shabby.

The extra 20 damage really goes a long way when you are getting down to under 10% scaling. Thanks for the help